Summer Calling

The exams are over, we’re out of the world cup – it must be time to switch off work and tune in to holiday mode!  According to Skyscanner, the moment England lost their second group game holiday searches leapt by 32% with Spain being by far the favourite holiday destination for that last minute break.  

But whilst some can sit back and relax on holiday, others are not so lucky; having to keep in touch with work to answer that vital call or to simply to run their business.  For those people, whether they travel abroad for work or on holiday, being in reach of work calls is of vital importance.

Luckily, help is on hand with the ‘Calling Spain’ package.  Available in more than twenty countries worldwide, this solution enables travellers to keep in touch when living or travelling abroad.  With Calling Spain, calls to the main business number are seamlessly redirected to a chosen mobile or landline number.  The number used for redirects can also be changed as often as required, perfectly suiting those who may move between overseas locations.  And with calls being pre-announced, if you are on holiday and only want to take that one vital call, it is simple to switch the phone calls you don’t want to answer direct to voicemail.

Calling Spain is just one of a suite of international number options available as part of the Callagenix telephony mix.  Whilst it is the perfect solution for those who may travel occasionally or who live abroad for part of each year, businesses which operate in multiple countries may also wish to opt for an international telephone number.  Establishing a local, national or international presence is much easier when the telephone number matches your message.  For example, those who want to establish a ‘local’ presence in Paris may opt for a Parisian district phone number whilst those who offer their services across France may instead choose a national French number.  Toll free options are also available.

In a 24hour world, the business which matches its choice of phone services to best suit the requirements of its customers is well on the way towards success.  Helping to improve customer service, presenting a professional image and making it easy to stay in touch; the choice of phone numbers can make a huge difference to both attracting and retaining customers.  And having the freedom to travel abroad, to holiday, to visit suppliers or multiple offices and still keep in touch makes a huge difference for business leaders and others who need to be on the move but who don’t want to take their finger off the business pulse.

Written by Alison