Switching Telephone Providers

There are many reasons why we may prefer to stick with our existing phone company rather than switch to a new provider. We may be worried about losing our line for a period, be uncertain whether we need to change telephone numbers or be worried about who we now have to contact in the event of a fault.

Some of us may even be concerned about the hidden costs of switching phone providers with uncertainty about cancellation fees or the cost of installing new equipment. Finally we may simply not be able to face up to the hassle of dealing with two sets of call centres as we transfer accounts.

Whatever the reason, in our wildest imaginations we may not envisage the scenario faced by French woman Solenne San Jose when she tried to close her telephone account. On contacting her telephone provider, Bouygues Telecom, they sent her a final bill amounting to €11,721,000,000,000,000. When she protested that this sum was more than 6,000 times the entire economic output of France the telephone company initially offered to accept weekly payments before finally agreeing to waive the bill which should have actually been €117.21.

Whatever the concern about switching providers, the reality is that transferring telephone accounts has become far simpler over the past few years. Ofcom, the telephone regulator, has worked with the phone industry to ensure that switching is simple and that contract cancellation charges are kept to a minimum. This means that switching phone services to a company such as Callagenix is now an extremely simple and hassle free event with switchers quickly being able to take advantage of the cheaper costs which VoIP calls can bring.

Apart from the cost element, many businesses look to switch their phone accounts in order to streamline their phone systems and usage. Services such as virtual switchboards, caller recognition and call recording can all help to improve the customer experience and save employee time. In recognition of the fact that it can take a little experimentation to finish up with the optimum call transfer pathway, Callagenix offers a free trial account which gives businesses time to experiment with set ups before finally going live.

The majority of the Callagenix services are available on a pay as you use basis which means that bills shouldn’t come as a shock and with a flexible service which can grow as the business grows, firms won’t be stuck paying for services which they don’t need. There are many reasons why people stay with their existing phone provider but with affordable and flexible services such as those offered by Callagenix there are many more reasons to switch.

Written by Lawrence Gow