The Advantages of Working From Home

This week the country has been dealing with the aftermath of Storm Dennis.

We’ve seen heartbreaking pictures of houses and businesses devastated by the rising flood water.

Hopefully the high waters will soon ease and people can slowly start getting back to normal. Obviously, this is going to take some time for the worst affected, and it could take months and a significant sum of money before things are back how they were.

We’ve talked about disaster recovery and business continuity recently, so we’re not going to discuss that again today. Suffice to say, we hope any businesses directly affected by the flood had alternative plans in place and can carry on functioning until the situation improves.

Instead, let’s talk about the secondary effect of the storm - how the stormy weather disrupted the transport network, leaving some people facing long delays to get into work, or even not being able to make it in at all. That’s not even mentioning the fact that traveling in a storm can actually be dangerous.

With the technology available today, in many cases it’s not even necessary for people to travel to an office if they could do the work just as easily at home. For some businesses, like retail, this doesn’t apply of course, but for many others the daily commute is a waste of time and money.

There are many positive reasons to implement a home working option for your business, such as the following:

More time and energy

Grabbing a cup of coffee and walking into a home office is a much more pleasant commute than de-icing the car and sitting in traffic for an hour. It also means your team will have more energy during the day. They can sleep a little later and don’t have a draining journey either end of the day to contend with. Plus, they can even spend the day in their pyjamas if they really want to.

There are also fewer interruptions at home. With nobody popping in to “just have a quick word” or share a joke, you can better focus on complicated tasks and get them done faster

Better work/life balance

For people with children to think about, the extra time and flexibility provided by home-working can be a major perk of the job.

In fact, most employees would rather work from home at least some of the time. Giving them the option to do so can be a factor in retaining staff, which means more stability and less staff turnover for your business.

Lower costs

Do you really need to run such a big office?

With fewer people coming into work each day, you can probably downgrade to smaller premises, as well as cut your day to day costs in other ways.

Using online tools to collaborate and keep in touch is often cheaper than sticking with centralised options in the office. 

Google Drive is a great option to share spreadsheets, documents, presentations and more. People in different locations can collaborate and work on the same file.

Other software such as Slack, Whatsapp, Skype, Asana, Trello, and Basecamp can be used to keep in touch and for project management. And these are only the first ones that come to mind - there are dozens more available, so there’s bound to be something to fit your requirements.

VoIP phone systems can help

Callagenix can help keep you connected as well. Our VoIP service allows your team to keep in touch with each other and the outside world by phone. All you need is a VoIP phone at home (or an app on your smartphone) connected to your company phone system.

Calls made to your company number can then be diverted to the right person, in exactly the same way as if they were sitting in the office. It’s easy to transfer calls to another department back in the office with the touch of a button, include home based employees into a group divert system, or make outbound calls from your company’s number - it’s all possible and very straightforward with VoIP. 

Not only is our business VoIP service incredibly reliable with perfect call quality, it offers a lot more functionality at a noticeably cheaper price. As it’s cloud-hosted, it automatically has business continuity advantages built in too.

Whether you already offer the ability to offer home based working to your staff, or are exploring the option of doing so in the future, please contact us to discover more about how a VoIP phone system can benefit your business.

Written by Matt