The China 401 Telephone Number

“China is undoubtedly THE great economic success story of the past 30 years.”So says the UKTI website in its introduction to a ‘China unlocked’ export seminar which it is running in Bristol on 29 June. The seminar is designed to provide an overview of the current state of the Chinese marketplace as well as exploring opportunities for those looking to export to China.

The rapid growth which China has enjoyed for decades is giving way to a more sustainable outlook with consumption-led growth now leading the way. This change in emphasis is providing new opportunities for those looking to offer their services to the people and businesses of China.

As with any new marketplace, success can rest less on what you are offering and more on the way in which you bring your product or service to the attention of potential customers. Taking time to understand the country, to assimilate local customs and to modify your offering to meet local tastes can pay off in the long term. Depending on the nature of your product or service it may pay to appoint a local agent. However, there are numerous occasions when this may not be necessary; particularly if you have taken steps to make it simple for potential customers to contact you.

One such method is the China 401 telephone number. Otherwise known as a China 4001, or China toll free service; with a single phone number you can reach potential customers across the whole of China. With no need for callers to dial different prefixes, this single phone number can be easily used in advertising, on a website or in promotions to open up your services to the people and businesses of China. 

The China 401 phone number is only one of a range of numbers which are available to those who are looking to boost their business prospects overseas. For example, Callagenix offers a range of numbers covering over a hundred countries. With toll-free, national and local regional numbers to choose from businesses are able to better target their potential overseas customers with a number, or range of telephone numbers which are most likely to resonate with their customer base. So, for example, businesses looking for customers in France may opt for a French national telephone number, whilst those offering services to the USA may prefer to choose and advertise numbers which are relevant to individual states or cities.

Naturally, offering a toll free or freephone number means that callers won’t have to pay for the call; another incentive for them to pick up the phone.  But whatever number type is chosen calls can be seamlessly redirected to a nominated number or combination of numbers across the globe. This means that there is no need for businesses to have an office in China in order to be contactable in China, in France in order to be contactable in France and so on.

Returning specifically to the Chinese market, as the UKTI seminar information says “UK companies have long enjoyed a reputation for excellence, innovation, design and ambition in China and now stand to benefit from China’s leap to a new level of growth.”  A China 401 toll free number may well be one step which will lead British business on the pathway towards establishing strong trading links with this exciting marketplace.

Written by Callagenix