The UK Export Effect

As UK Export week winds down it is time to look back and celebrate our success in the global marketplace.  Over the past week more than seventy events across the country have helped to engage and encourage UK businesses to look to expand their marketplaces overseas.  Concentrating largely on the small and mid-sized business arena, UK Export week has provided interested businesses with seminars, roadshows, intellectual property and marketing workshops.

The main focus of this week was the South East Asian marketplace with a ‘Sizzling Southeast Asia Roadshow’ travelling around the country.  Sponsored jointly by UKTI and the UK-ASEAN Business Council, the roadshow highlighted the opportunities available in this region. 

Speaking at the launch of Export week the trade minister, Lord Livingstone, said “There has never been a better time for Britain’s businesses to break into new international markets and Export Week will highlight the lucrative opportunities available and how we can help firms take advantage.” Choosing the South East Asia region as a focus for the Export Week, not only highlighted fresh marketplaces it also gave UKTI a chance to highlight the success which the UK is having in the Chinese marketplace.  In fact, according to Lord Livingstone, “Exports to high-growth markets like China, India and Brazil are at all time highs.” 

Export week is just one element in the government’s five year drive to add 100,000 new exporting businesses to the list of those which were already exporting in 2011.  But taking exports overseas can be a daunting prospect, even for those who call on UKTI expertise for help.  China may be a high-growth marketplace but with a potential customer base of over 1.3billion people its very size can be daunting.  That is where services such as China 401 toll free numbers come into their own.  One single phone number covers all of the 31 Chinese provinces, bringing your business potentially into the reach of every mobile and fixed phone subscriber in China.  And because it is a single number, marketing can be streamlined across the country. 

Best of all, because a China 401 phone service is free to the user, callers are more likely to ring.  And with calls being routed anywhere in the world, businesses can optimise the way in which they support the Chinese marketplace without having to set up local offices inside the country.  For those businesses which decide that a 401 number is not for them, there are also UIFN (Universal International Freephone Numbers) and regional numbers available; bringing flexibility to business planning.

Written by Alison