Three Things To Consider This Spring

It’s been an eventful week around the world. With everything going on, it’s easy to get distracted by the day to day stuff and not take a longer term view.

With that in mind, here are three things that happened this week that should prompt you to zoom out of your regular daily tasks and instead start planning for the future.

1. Article 50 triggered.

The UK’s letter to the EU was signed and delivered this week, officially starting the process of Britain’s exit from the EU.

Whatever your thoughts on Brexit, it now seems all but unavoidable, so now is the time to put your plans in place to make sure your business is ready.

If you do business with any countries in the EU (and also the rest of the world) you should consider setting up a contact phone number in each of the countries you deal with. Regardless of whether you divert calls to an office within that country, or back to your main office in the UK, having that number in place will assure continuity and a familiar presence for your customers. Setting them up now when the process is known and straightforward also seems like a smart thing to do.

You can read more about this and the numbers we offer in this article. Our range of international numbers can also be used with any of our hosted services, so international phone numbers can be easily integrated into your existing phone set up. Even if you’re not currently with Callagenix, we can advise on the best way to handle your overseas calls and use them alongside your existing phone system.

2. Cyclone Debbie batters Queensland, Australia

With fierce gales and torrential rain, Cyclone Debbie landed in Queensland this week, causing disruption and widespread damage.

Thankfully there does not appear to be any loss of life at the time of writing, although the full picture is unlikely to be known for a couple of days.

The storm is a good reminder of the power of nature and how destructive it can be. Whether through high winds, flooding, fire or other unexpected events, there is always a chance that your business can be affected by events out of your control.

This is one of the reasons we recommend every business has some disaster recovery/business continuity plans in place. Obviously, our cloud-based numbers and phone services have business continuity built in. If your local premises are damaged or destroyed, your phone service will still work. All you’d need to do is log in to your Callagenix account to divert your calls elsewhere and activate your backup services, such as the information line and bulk SMS messages.

You can find out more about what we offer here.

3. The start of spring

Spring officially began on the 20th March, with the clocks going forward an hour the following Sunday.

Much of the UK also had a decent spell of warm weather, hinting that summer isn’t all that far away. With the holiday season approaching, now is a good time to start thinking about holiday cover for your staff, as well as making sure you’ve got support should there be an overflow of calls.

We recently opened up our call answering service to Callagenix customers, so if you need some extra help answering the phone and handling enquiries please get in touch. Our highly-trained and experienced receptionists have been serving hundreds of clients in the healthcare niche for over a decade now, so we know how to look after your customers.

Our service is very flexible, so whether you need us to answer your calls full time, or you just want our help on standby as an overflow service for busy periods and to cover staff holidays etc. we can help.

The best thing to do is read more on this page, then get in touch for more details.

Written by Matt