Time To Review And Update Your Phone Service

We’re a couple of weeks into 2016 so now would be a good time to review your phone service to make sure you’re getting the most out of it.

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This includes your phone numbers, hosted services and whether now is good time to upgrade to a VoIP service.


A good place to start is to make sure you’ve got the right number type in place. Of course, what the right number is depends on what you want to use it for.

For general purpose use an 01 or 02 regional number is always a good option, as is their non-geographical equivalent the 03 number.

For promotional purposes an 0800 freephone number is the go-to option for most businesses. These numbers are widely recognised and are now free to call from both landlines and mobiles, so they are popular with the general public.

If your business only operates locally then 01 and 02 numbers are a good choice too, so people can recognise you’re based in the area. It’s also possible to add additional area codes and forward them back to your office if you cover a wider area.

For support lines you may wish to use a different number type such as one from the 084 and 087 range. Some of these ranges also offer you the chance to earn revenue, which can help offset your support costs. Just bear in mind that there are some restrictions on when these numbers can be used if you sell to consumers. In some cases you may even want to consider an 090 premium rate number as a way of charging for the service you provide.


Whilst considering your numbers, it’s also a good time to review how you’re handling your calls.

Our hosted services give you great flexibility on how you handle your calls – from a straight divert (to any phone) or our advanced voicemail service. You can also set up more sophisticated call handling by using services like the Virtual Switchboard, Time of Day and Group Divert.

Our services all integrate perfectly with each other and can be used in any combination. It’s best to think of them as building blocks that can be combined to create whatever kind of phone system you need. It’s also easy to change them at any time, so your phone system can adapt as your business grows and develops.


Does your office phone system need an upgrade? If so, you should talk to us about our business-grade VoIP service.

You’ll need a fast and reliable internet connection (most areas will have this) to take advantage of this. A VoIP set up is just as clear and reliable as a traditional phone line, but has many additional benefits.

For a start it’s cheaper – you don’t need a dedicated phone line for each call you want to make, so you’ll save a significant amount of money on line rental fees alone. Add in lower call costs and no expensive purchase / repair costs for a PBX system and the savings can be large. We also offer a fixed-price option too, which includes virtually all your calls and hardware.

You have more options and greater flexibility with a VoIP system too. All calls are handled via our virtual pbx and it’s easy to connect phones wherever they may be. This means you can easily add an extension for a member of staff who works at home, or else connect two or more sites all under the same phone system.

VoIP to VoIP calls are free, which is another saving, and you can easily add multiple contact numbers and services to your service. This allows you to have dedicated phone numbers for key members of staff and departments and set different call handling routes for each, as required.

If you’d like us to review your current set up and advise on the best options available, please contact us today for an informal chat.

Written by Matt