Time to switch?

How easy is it to switch your phone provider? Well if you have a mobile phone then new Ofcom rules have come into force which should make switching far easier. Out goes the need to call your provider and request a switching code, a call which according to Ofcom often led to callers being frustrated at unwanted attempts to persuade them to stay with their existing provider. In its place Ofcom have introduced a new text message system.

Those looking to switch mobile providers but keep their existing phone number simply have to text PAC to 65075. Within a minute their provider has to respond with the PAC code, details of any pay-as-you-go credit balances and any early termination charges. The new phone provider has to then arrange for the switch to be completed within one day. Those looking to switch and get a new mobile number need to text STAC to 75075. And if you’re simply considering changing your contract but want to know what your termination charges would be all you have to do is text INFO to 85075.

There is also an online equivalent to the text message option. Online messaging has to be used for accounts with more than one mobile attached but can also be used as an alternative to the text method for other mobile contracts. Running alongside these changes, Ofcom have also prohibited mobile providers from taking notice period charges, a move which they say will save consumers some £10 million per year.

The changes are part of Ofcom’s Fairness to Customers drive. It remains to be seen whether as a result we will see a rise in mobile switching or a fresh impetus to improve overall consumer experiences in a bid to retain existing customers. Certainly from our own experience in delivering business telephone services, providing a customer-focused service is key to success. For Callagenix this approach has resulted in many of our clients being with us for over ten years, with recommendations accounting for around 50% of new clients.

Not only are our systems designed to be flexible, enabling organisations to grow their telephony service as they grow their business, we also have a ‘try before you buy’ option. This helps new and existing customers to try out and become familiar with our business telephony system before signing up to a service. So when you go live you have already designed your optimum service and call management pathways. And the flexibility of the system means that even if a need for further tweaks is identified, it is easy to reprogram call pathways or take advantage of additional services.

Helping hands are available in the form of brochures and downloads covering everything from choice of telephone numbers and basic services such as answer phones through to our fully integrated virtual switchboard option. Our customer support team is also available to help new and existing customers to design a business telephone service which will meet their particular needs. Ofcom may have made it easier to switch mobile providers, but when it comes to business phone systems we believe that by providing the best customer support we can deliver, the only switch that businesses may consider is to take advantage of our flexible business telephony services.

Written by Alison