Upgrade Your Phone Service With VoIPinclusive - Updated Info

We have recently updated our VoIPinclusive page, so if you are considering upgrading your phone system you should take a look.

VoIPinclusive is a fixed-price VoIP phone service for businesses with 5 or more users. For a single monthly fee you get everything included - all equipment, broadband rental (dedicated line for your phone calls), numbers and calls. Calls to over 100 international detinations are also included.

Fixed-Price VoIPFixing your phone costs gives you great predictability and helps you budget accordingly. It's also a simple matter to add new users, numbers and services whenever you need to - the VoIPinclusive service is very flexible and can adapt to your changing requirements as your business grows.

There is a fair usage policy to prevent abuse, but normal business users will likely never exceed this. Unless you're running a call centre, you should be covered, but if you'd like to check we can review your most recent bill and confirm you'll be covered. Incidentally, if you do want to use our VoIP service to run a call centre we can still accomodate this, but you'll need to talk to us first so we can make sure your system is set up to handle the increased volume and your monthly rate is set accordingly.

As always, if you have any questions about VoIPinclusive or any of our other services, please get in touch so we can answer them for you. 

Written by Matt