Using The Fax To Email Service

Gone are the days when the fax machine was a vital part of everyday office life.

The rise of email and file sharing services (such as DropBox) meant that the popularity of the fax dropped as these new technologies were adopted.

Fax to EmailStill, there are still cases where faxes are still the right solution. If you need to receive faxes but don't want to buy a pricey machine just to be able to do this, then our Fax To Email service could be right for you.

You can choose to receive faxes via your Callagenix number (it needn't be a dedicated number - you can receive calls on the same number if you like) and have the faxes appear as a pdf attachment in your inbox. You can then open them as you would a regular pdf and print them out etc.

You also have the option of setting up SMS alerts to let you know whenever you receive a fax. As well as reading your faxes in your email inbox, you can also log in to your online Callagenix account to view and manage your faxes there.

It's easy to add a Fax To Email service to your existing set up via your control panel. If you're not sure how to get started, please contact us and we'll talk you through it. 

Written by Callagenix