Virtually Keeping In Touch This Christmas

Is it just us or is the Christmas season getting longer and longer?  Networking groups, eager to maximise attendance either bring December meetings forward to early in the month or skip December entirely in favour of a November ‘Christmas’ event.  Then there are client events, local business celebrations and the office party to get through before everything slows down for the Christmas week. 

Choose carefully and it is now possible to be eating turkey with all the trimmings at least once a week from mid-November onwards; making Christmas Day itself the final round in a marathon of meals.  Thank goodness for long walks in the crisp air on Boxing Day.   

But there is one other significant downside to the plethora of yuletide celebrations and that is the amount of out of office time which is required.  Meeting with clients to celebrate a successful year is all well and good but if any goodwill gained is then lost by failing to return or answer calls the year could finish on a sour note. Thank goodness then for the virtual assistant. Whether working on their own from home or in groups from offices, virtual assistants can be there to provide a personal response whilst you are out celebrating. 

Thanks to modern technology, the role of virtual assistant has blossomed in past years. Even sitting at home with a simple telephone, the assistant can answer calls made to a number of different businesses and be able to use a personalised greeting for each one. Pre-announced calls make personal responses simple and with caller statistics available at the touch of a button, virtual PAs can concentrate on the call without having to keep manual records of caller details.

When it comes to operating a group of virtual assistants, calls can be switched as required across the group and with a wallboard keeping track, payments and statistics are simple to calculate.  Many VAs operate a flexible system which enables businesses to either switch phones manually when out of office or have calls diverted if not answered after a set number of rings. So, linking up with a virtual assistant service, particularly at Christmas, means that business owners can enjoy their celebrations safe in the knowledge that their clients are still receiving a personalised telephone answering experience which will stand the business in good stead in the New Year.

Written by Alison