Want To Save Yourself A Fortune On Phone Calls – Read On

If you ever divert your home landline to your work phone or visa versa so that you can catch all those important calls from your bank (?)and you’re not using VOIP then you could be paying way too much money for the pleasure.

With the internet being used for everything from downloading the latest music to buying the weekly groceries, it’s not a surprise that you can now rely on it to convert your voice and transport it across the ether. VOIP. And you’ve got to bet its cheaper!!

If you look hard at divert call charges, they’re extortionate, but if you’re using a Callagenix VOIP system then you’re making massive savings. We’re suckers for free stuff here and will give you free set up and free telephone numbers. We even want you to have free usage – so if any Callagenix to Callagenix telephone calls come in or go out it’s free of charge.

You’re thinking to yourself – ‘too good to be true’ – could be – but isn’t. We also pay you for inbound calls from a Callagenix 0871 number…..3ppm. We do charge you for some things though – (not many) from a Callagenix UK 01 & 02 number we charge you 2ppm. Can’t be bad. Making or receiving non Callagenix calls is costed as 30ppm. Other VOIP Phone Charges
Callagenix IP telephone to the outside world - UK and International rates eg 2ppm to any UK landline

So what is it and how does it work?
Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP), is a technology that means that calls can be made through computer networks – like the internet.  You can use a VOIP or SIP telephone, same as a normal telephone but it communicates by using an IP connection. Plug it straight into your router. Your computer doesn’t need to be on.
Or you can use a Softphone, which runs on your pc and uses your sound card and mic for conversations – obviously your pc needs to be on for this.

You can just use an analogue adapter, which converts the traffic from your analogue phone to IP traffic. Or – lastly – a VOIP Gateway, (FXS) which converts traffic from analogue phones into IP traffic.

It’s all pretty simple – and it’s very effective, give it a go and save yourself a fortune.

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Written by Imran