Why you should switch to VoIP

VoIP isn’t new, but a lot of people still haven’t switched from legacy phone systems, maybe just prefering to stick to the familiar.

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, basically meaning voice calls made over the internet. It has come a long way since the early days, when early technologies such as Skype suffered from slow internet speeds.

These days we’re all used to having fast broadband connections, which can easily handle voice and video calls with no lag or drop outs. The technology is proven and highly reliable.

A lot of businesses still haven’t made the full switch to VoIP systems though, no doubt because they are used to running things the way they always have done, with a number of phone lines connecting an in-house pbx unit to the outside world.

However, there are clear advantages to switching to a VoIP based system for all your business communications. Let’s take a look at some of them now.

Value for Money

Let’s deal with one of the most important ones first - VoIP systems usually cost a lot less than traditional phone systems.

For a start there is no expensive pbx hardware to buy, maintain and ultimately replace. Rather than having a physical pbx unit on your premises (leaving you vulnerable to losing your phone system to flood, fire, or other disaster) VoIP systems are based in the cloud, operating around a virtual switchboard. Not needing to pay out for this hardware can save businesses a hefty sum over time.

As long as you have a decent broadband connection at your premises you should also be able to save a fair amount on line rental. Rather than renting multiple phone lines each month, it’s possible to replace them with a much smaller number of dedicated broadband lines to handle your calls. How many you need will depend on your broadband speed and the number of people using it to make calls, but it’s not uncommon for smaller businesses to replace multiple lines with a single connection.

Then there’s the cost of the calls too. Calls within the VoIP network are free, whilst calls made to both UK and international numbers are usually much cheaper than the same calls made through traditional systems and the big suppliers. The savings each month can be significant.

All in all, in pretty much every case, you will save a noticeable amount of money by switching to VoIP from a legacy system.

One option we offer at Callagenix is an all-inclusive VoIP package called VoIPinclusive, where we include everything you need for a fixed monthly fee. It’s a popular option that allows businesses to control their costs and make the monthly bill predictable.


VoIP systems are cloud-based, which means they are very flexible. You’re not dependent on a physical location and you don’t need to call out an engineer to make changes to your pbx settings.

Everything is managed through an online control panel, where you can add new phone numbers (we offer a wide range of UK numbers and international numbers), new extensions, and new services to handle your calls.

Although straightforward to use, our system lets you combine our range of services to create the phone system you really need. It’s easy to handle calls to different numbers or extensions in different ways, so you can adapt to the changing requirements in your business.

As the VoIP system is location independent, it’s easy to add people to it no matter where they are based. This means you can easily combine different office locations under a single phone system, and connect home-based workers without a problem.


Another advantage of VoIP systems is that they are very scalable - you’re not going to be limited by the shortcomings of a physical pbx.

It’s a simple matter to add new users and extensions to a VoIP system. It’s also simple to adjust the way you handle calls if you need to. This means that if you grow quickly, or you have seasonal spikes in enquiries, you can accommodate them easily with VoIP. Just create your new extensions and add them to the call groups etc. so they can answer the calls you need them to.

It’s also easy to shut down extensions or handle calls in a different way once call volume has returned to a more normal level. Whatever you need, VoIP can handle it with no issues or hassle.

As you can see, switching to a VoIP system makes a lot of sense. You end up with a more flexible and robust phone system for less money than you were paying before. It’s also easy to manage yourself via an online dashboard, so you can adjust your set up as often as you need to.

To find out more about how VoIP can help your business, please get in touch today.

Written by Matt