Winning the game: It’s your call

For football and rugby union supporters the month of May is a bittersweet time. Whether it’s relief at your team’s survival for another year, elation at a promotion gained or facing the sad reality of life in a lower division; the months before the start of the new season stretch emptily ahead. And yes there are international tours and the football World Cup to look forward to but when you passionately follow a club team they aren’t quite the same.

But May is also a time of reckoning with fortune turning on the result of a single match. Reversals and blips in form throughout the season, whilst not welcome, can be shrugged off. A win or loss in May and there is no going back. So efforts are doubled as teams focus on winning; researching form and devising tactics which hopefully will deliver the desired result.

It has been said that sport and business can learn a lot from each other and certainly that is true. But those in business generally don’t have the luxury of a long season or the comfort of knowing that the occasional setback can be offset by a generally positive year. In business you never get a second chance to make a first impression and, when it comes to attracting and building new customer relationships, a single setback can be the only interaction you have.

That is why in business it is so important to get things right first time, to research and to devise approaches which will best resonate with existing and potential customers. And when you do so nothing should be left to chance; even your choice of business telephone number or call response pathway could make all the difference.

For example, if you want to attract local customers then why adopt a national or international phone number. Similarly, if your prime focus is on encouraging callers then a freephone number may make more sense than a premium rate number. In other words, the phone number you choose delivers a message and that message should resonate with potential callers.

The same is true for the business telephone software which you deploy. If callers matter, then take time to ensure that your phone answering pathways are focused towards providing a great caller experience. That means looking at call transfers either within the business or to a virtual assistant service. It also means ensuring that even if you have to resort to asking people to leave answerphone messages, your message to callers is clear and calls are returned as swiftly as possible. And it also means providing appropriate telephone training for your people, providing them with the telephone techniques which will optimise the caller’s experience.

In business, winning the game is about getting it right first time. Yes it is about product and price, but more than that it is about day to day interactions; helping people to want to contact you and ensuring that when they do they are left with a positive impression. Are you ready to win the business game? At the end of the day it’s your call.

Written by Alison