Working holidays – call ahead

It’s August, schools are well and truly out and the holiday exodus is in full flow. As a result normal commuter routes have quietened noticeably whilst the regular Friday/Saturday getaway is blocking motorways and other major roads.

By contrast those who are off to the sun may only have to contend with the threatened strikes and computer glitches which almost seem to be a perennial accompaniment to the holiday season. Those hiccups aside, spare a thought for the small business owner. A survey from 2018 revealed that 90% of them expect to be working whilst on holiday; checking e-mails and clearing routine administration tasks.  And that’s excluding the 5% of owners who were not expecting to take a holiday at all.

For those who are heading off for a little fun in the sun but still intend to keep in touch whilst they are away it pays to plan ahead. There is little worse than relaxing by the pool and being caught out by an unwanted sales call. In fact the only thing which may be worse is relaxing by the pool and missing a vital call from a customer which could have led to a substantial order.

By planning ahead both those scenarios can be avoided, particularly if you take advantage of a system such as the Callagenix Calling Spain package. Not only does this enable you to transfer all of your calls to a nominated landline or mobile abroad, the pre-announce function means that you can filter calls. As a result your regular customer or supplier can get through to you whilst the unwanted sales caller is either cut off or left to talk to your answerphone.

Better still, with calls being seamlessly transferred from your normal number, your callers need not know that you are out of the country. Oh yes, and if you are trying to maximise your leisure time and don’t want to have to pre-screen your calls then why not take advantage of a virtual assistant service. This can answer and pre-screen your calls, take messages and only transfer vital calls to your overseas number.

Of course you don’t have to go on holiday and you don’t even need to go to Spain to take advantage of the Calling Spain package. Those travelling abroad for work purposes can equally benefit; particularly as the flexibility of the system enables the destination phone number to be changed as many times as required. And with over one hundred countries to choose from that gives you a lot of flexibility in your work and leisure patterns.

As an aside, the Calling Spain system also works in reverse. So if you have a number of clients in one country why not offer them a business telephone number which is local for them. You can then seamlessly switch their calls to your main number in the UK or elsewhere.

Small business owner or not, holiday time is key to relaxing and unwinding, to recharging the batteries and taking time out from the day to day to plan future strategies. A solution such as Calling Spain can help to optimise downtime whilst ensuring that key business connectivity is retained.

Written by Alison