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Calling storm safety plans

It’s scarcely a month since we were talking about the effects of Hurricane Irma and now we have our own hurricane to worry about.  Ironically in a week in which various news reports have been…

When rain stops play

As hurricane Irma approached landfall, news screens were filled with tales of evacuations and preparations; of people doing what little they could in the face of the power of nature. No amount of predictions prepared…

Security is a state of mind

The world is open and vulnerable to attack.  That’s the message which every business and every individual should take away from the ransom-ware attack which took down hospitals, educational establishments and businesses across the globe. 

Three Things To Consider This Spring

It’s been an eventful week around the world. With everything going on, it’s easy to get distracted by the day to day stuff and not take a longer term view.

Call Overflow Solutions

How To Create Your Telephone Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Plan

Your disaster recovery / business continuity plan will require a lot of thought if it’s to be a good one.

Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity PlanAre You Ready For Disaster?

With the recent deadly storms across Europe and Australia, now is a good time to take another look at your disaster recovery / business continuity plans.

What Are Virtual Phone Numbers?

You may have heard of virtual numbers and wondered what they are.

Well, wonder no more, as it’s really very simple – a virtual number is the same as a regular phone number, except…

How Small Businesses Can Benefit From Hosted Telephony

Whilst big businesses may have more resources and a more prominent presence in the marketplace, small businesses can often gain an advantage by being agile and quick to implement.

Larger enterprises often need weeks…

Planning Continuity

If the predictions are borne out by the reality then Hurricane Patricia may soon be going down in the annals of history for all the wrong reasons. With winds of 200 mph, this hurricane is…

Business Continuity - Whatever the Weather

The hottest July day on record followed by thunderstorms and torrential rain, Operation Stack bringing traffic chaos to the south-east of England; the first days of July are certainly making an impact on business life.…

Communicating in an Emergency

The Business Continuity Institute has announced the results of a survey into emergency communication planning. The survey concentrated on mid to large sized entities but the lessons in respect of the importance of planning are…

Unexpected Planning

At the time of writing the tube strike planned to take effect in London next week has been suspended following talks between the RMT and Transport for London. Across the capital, businesses will breathe a…

Be Prepared

As the long hot summer rolls to a close with, according to some predictions, the coldest spell of August weather in 100 years we turn our thoughts ahead to the autumn and winter. Given the…

Broadening Horizons

Speaking to the FSB annual conference The Chancellor, George Osborne, called on small businesses to join in taking on “the forces of stagnation” and to create “a Britain open for business and to the world.” …

Flooded with calls

With widespread floods across the UK and, at the time of writing, further rain on the horizon the start of 2014 has been decidedly damp.  Homes and businesses have been affected both directly from flooding…

Neither by Snow nor Rain

We may like to think that our ‘always on’ lifestyle is a product of the computer age but a quick look back at history proves us wrong.  Herodotus, writing some two and a half thousand…

That Light Bulb Moment

How many of us descend into clichés when we think of Australia?  A wonderful climate, beautiful coastline and always-on barbeque are attractive to the visitor.  Balancing this wonder and to save us from becoming too…

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