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Dialling up a holiday

How easy is it to switch off on holiday? Admittedly that is a question which has no single answer. So whilst some are able to fully enjoy their holiday in the knowledge that they are…

Summer Calling

The exams are over, we’re out of the world cup – it must be time to switch off work and tune in to holiday mode!  According to Skyscanner, the moment England lost their second group…

Calling Spain

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s (FCO) report into the consular assistance which was requested by Britons abroad in the past year has just been published.  Not only does it cast a spotlight on the sheer…

Answering The Call

All it took was one simple call to set in motion a debate over telephone etiquette which has engaged the nation.  The call in question took place in a Sainsbury’s supermarket where a checkout worker…

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