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How To Create Your Telephone Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Plan

Your disaster recovery / business continuity plan will require a lot of thought if it’s to be a good one.

Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity PlanAre You Ready For Disaster?

With the recent deadly storms across Europe and Australia, now is a good time to take another look at your disaster recovery / business continuity plans.

Guide To Telephone Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Solutions

We've just posted our updated and extended guide to how hosted telephony should be a part of your disaster recovery / business continuity planning.

You can read it here (it's fairly long, grab a…

Business Continuity - Whatever the Weather

The hottest July day on record followed by thunderstorms and torrential rain, Operation Stack bringing traffic chaos to the south-east of England; the first days of July are certainly making an impact on business life.…

Mitigating Disaster With a Continuity Plan

London Fire Brigade has reported that the fire which raged for 36 hours in Holborn at the beginning of April was caused by an electrical fault which then fractured a gas main, further fuelling the…

Communicating in an Emergency

The Business Continuity Institute has announced the results of a survey into emergency communication planning. The survey concentrated on mid to large sized entities but the lessons in respect of the importance of planning are…

Neither by Snow nor Rain

We may like to think that our ‘always on’ lifestyle is a product of the computer age but a quick look back at history proves us wrong.  Herodotus, writing some two and a half thousand…

Calling in an Emergency

The combination of high winds and rain experienced over the Christmas period has led to floods, structural damage and thousands of homes being left without power.  With more bad weather on the way the Environment…

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