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Setting Up International Virtual Phone Numbers

Now is the perfect time to start setting up your international phone numbers. 

The UK may have left the European Union, but we are now in the transition period so there is still certainty…

Brexit and International Phone Numbers

Of course, the fog of uncertainty hasn't completely lifted yet, and there may yet be a delay or even cancellation of the UK's departure from the EU.

However, what is certain no matter what happens…

Is Your Business Ready For Brexit?

With the triggering of Article 50 just round the corner, there is still much we don’t know about how Brexit will affect trade between Britain and the rest of the EU.

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        	<h3><a href=Boosting International Trade

With the Euro 2016 football finals in full swing and the EU referendum only a week away, there is a lot of focus in the UK on our European neighbours right now.

Whichever team…

Trading Abroad

Data released today (7th November) has revealed that the UK’s trade deficit for the month of September has widened to £2.8 billion, compared with £1.8 billion in August. Partly reflecting a weakness in the Eurozone,…

Roaming Abroad

The debate about the leadership of the EU may be rumbling on, but on a day to day basis our businesses and politicians appear to be growing ever closer to the international marketplace. From roaming…

The UK Export Effect

As UK Export week winds down it is time to look back and celebrate our success in the global marketplace.  Over the past week more than seventy events across the country have helped to engage…

Opening Up International Markets

As the US budget crisis rumbles on, tourists and business people who are planning to visit America in the near future are hastily revising their itineraries. With closures affecting a range of sites from tourist…

International Calls

The cost of using mobile phones whilst abroad has yet again hit the headlines with the EU imposing reduced call and data roaming charges from 1st July.  From that date, excluding VAT, mobile calls in…

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