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Capping 070 numbers

What’s in a number? Well far more than you may think, particularly when it comes to telephone numbers. So much so that the business phone number, or combination of numbers, which you choose to…

Your phone number, your business

As a business your phone number is as much part of your brand image as your name, your publications or your website. The business number you choose can tell callers that you are a part…

Dialling in growth

What’s your projected growth rate this year? Perhaps you are a start-up company in a fast growth phase, or are you more likely to be predicting a period of stability, holding your own in a…

Going green on Brexit

UK and EU negotiators have announced the next ‘decisive step’ in the Brexit process. Whilst there are still some sticking points, notably questions around the Northern Irish border, general consensus has been reached on the…

Your number, your business

On 10 March 1876 Alexander Graham Bell made the first telephone call, summoning his assistant from the next room. Admittedly, he would probably have got the same response had he merely called out loud; but…

Global or local: It’s your call

There’s no denying that sport is now a global industry. At the time of writing England’s cricketers are in Australia, with the women’s Ashes series almost complete and the men’s about to get underway. At…

Roaming across Europe

On 15 June 2017 roaming charges were scrapped across Europe thanks to EU legislation.  Whether that particular law is, or is not, “one of the greatest successes of the EU” as the EU Commission press…

Calling Europe

In an age of instant communications it seems somewhat ironic that it took a letter to signal the start of the formal Brexit process. In fact that letter highlights just how far the world…

Three Things To Consider This Spring

It’s been an eventful week around the world. With everything going on, it’s easy to get distracted by the day to day stuff and not take a longer term view.

Is Your Business Ready For Brexit?

With the triggering of Article 50 just round the corner, there is still much we don’t know about how Brexit will affect trade between Britain and the rest of the EU.

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        	<h3><a href=Attracting inward investment

Whatever your reaction to the Brexit vote it seems, for now at least, the predictions of the UK becoming isolated from world trade have failed to materialise. Admittedly the falling pound may have helped UK…

What’s in a number?

Think of a number, any number.  Now think about how that number makes you feel. Is this a strange question to ask; well not really because the psychology of numbers is far more complex than…

Calling the UK

The recent G20 summit in China has once again raised the profile of the Brexit debate. Not that it ever went away, but over the last few months it has been somewhat akin to a…

Resistance to Change

There was a great article by Justin Jackson published on medium.com recently about how people are resistant to change, even when that change would benefit them immensely.

Resistance to ChangeBrexit, International Trade And Your Business

With the shock of Britain’s vote to leave the EU still headline news, now is a good time to consider how your business can benefit by focusing on international trade.

Virtual OverseasPhone…
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        	<h3><a href=Boosting International Trade

With the Euro 2016 football finals in full swing and the EU referendum only a week away, there is a lot of focus in the UK on our European neighbours right now.

Whichever team…

Are You Ready For Disaster?

With the recent deadly storms across Europe and Australia, now is a good time to take another look at your disaster recovery / business continuity plans.

Global Communication

If there is ever any doubt about whether we are living in an increasingly pan-global era you only have to look at the way in which some stories are celebrated across the globe. The latest,…

What Are Virtual Phone Numbers?

You may have heard of virtual numbers and wondered what they are.

Well, wonder no more, as it’s really very simple – a virtual number is the same as a regular phone number, except…

The China 401 Telephone Number

“China is undoubtedly THE great economic success story of the past 30 years.”So says the UKTI website in its introduction to a ‘China unlocked’ export seminar which it is running in Bristol on 29 June.…

Marking Export Week with International Phone Numbers

It’s Export Week and across the UK a variety of events are being held to celebrate and boost the UK’s exporting prowess. According to UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) previous weeks have seen over 17,000…

Exporting Business

It may be only March but already the export experts over at UK Trade & Investment are looking forward to Export Week. Taking place over the 18th -22nd May, Export Week is designed to help…

Roaming Abroad

The debate about the leadership of the EU may be rumbling on, but on a day to day basis our businesses and politicians appear to be growing ever closer to the international marketplace. From roaming…

The UK Export Effect

As UK Export week winds down it is time to look back and celebrate our success in the global marketplace.  Over the past week more than seventy events across the country have helped to engage…

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