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Calling safety

Rearranging layouts, installing protective screens, arranging for deep cleans…. there is certainly plenty to think about for those businesses which are contemplating a return to work. Whilst some businesses have remained open throughout the crisis,…

HMRC cuts phone scams

In 2018/19 more than 100,000 telephone scams were reported to HMRC. That contrasts with just under 8,000 reports in the previous year; an indication of just how prevalent telephone fraud had become. And it’s a…

Calling security

Back to work after the Easter break and it’s time to check if your phone security stood up to the test of a long double bank holiday weekend. And this poses a problem. With potential…

Secure Business Telephony

How security minded is your business? Do you have a simple burglar alarm, or perhaps you have security door locks and require all visitors to wear passes? Are certain computer files security protected, or maybe…

Securing The Line With Better Password Choice

A recent Ofcom study revealed that whilst we are getting better at internet security, far too many of us still are still lax when it comes to password security. So whilst 62% now take steps…

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GB phone home

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