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Time to Ignore That Call

There was an interesting article in the Times of India recently which covered the methods which some people are using to “digitally detox.”  Recognising that smartphones and other devices can actually drive a wedge between…

Answering The Call

All it took was one simple call to set in motion a debate over telephone etiquette which has engaged the nation.  The call in question took place in a Sainsbury’s supermarket where a checkout worker…

One Moment Caller

The Science Museum in London has put out a call for exhibits and memories to help to fill its new Information Age gallery.  The Museum’s main target is former managers of Lyons Tea Shops…

Don’t Be A Nuisance Caller

Ofcom have carried out fresh research into the way in which nuisance calls are blighting the public’s home life. Eighty-two percent of those surveyed reported receiving an unwanted call within a four week period. On…

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