070 Personal Numbers

Often called 070 personal numbers or “follow-me” numbers, 070 numbers are used to connect calls to landlines or mobiles with the caller paying all connection costs.

Depending upon the 070 range, callers will pay up to 50p/min + connection fees, based upon the caller’s service provider’s price plan.  The person answering the call is not allowed any revenue share, however service providers could be.

07 numbers are a great way for you to remain accessible wherever you go - perfect for people who are always on the move but need to be reachable.

Benefits of 070 numbers

Get an 070 number
  • Cost nothing to set up
  • No call divert charges to mobiles
  • No call divert charges to landlines
  • Free Fax to Email

How do 070 numbers work?

070 personal numbers are ideal for sole traders or small SMEs where the phones need to be diverted between offices and mobiles on a regular basis. They are also very useful if you provide a marketing, promotional or advertising service for others. e.g. if you run a specialist web site selling cars, you can publish contact numbers without giving away your clients’ private numbers.  In this instance you, as the service provider, could be entitled to a revenue share.

For individuals in business on their own, a personal number can be used as a business number. Calls are then diverted to a home phone, saving the cost of installing an extra line.

There is no charge to set up a personal number. The caller effectively pays for the service with call charges for 070 numbers incorporating the cost of the diversion. This means that callers from a BT landline could find themselves paying up to 50p/min for a call to a personal number.

Before deciding whether to get a 070 number it is therefore worth weighing up the benefits against possible customer reaction to a higher rate call charge. Other alternatives, including Callagenix phone services such as call diversion, may be a better option in some circumstances.

Ofcom do not allow you to share in any revenue generated from follow me numbers, so if you would like to benefit from calls made to you then a 0871 number or 0872 number combined with our call diversion service may be preferable.

They can also be used for fax to email services, again where the caller pays all connection costs.

070 numbers and Callagenix Advanced services

All 070 numbers need to be combined with one or more of our Advanced Services. This allows you great choice and flexibility in how you handle your calls. For example, you could build a complete phone system around a virtual pbx, set up group diverts to distribute calls to your staff, or simply divert all calls to a mobile or international number.

However you want to handle your calls, our services enable you to do it.

You can read more about how 070 personal numbers are used with our Advanced services on this page:

Typical Uses / Users

  • Small businesses with a frequent need to divert calls between landline and mobile
  • Home based businesses which needs to keep personal and business numbers separate
  • Anyone wanting free call divert to UK mobiles, landlines, or fax to email.

070 Personal Number Costs

Callers pays Up to 50ppm, from a BT landline
Inbound call charge 0ppm
Revenue received 0ppm
Advanced Service From 40p per day, depending on the service specified. See Available Services
Basic Service Can only operate with Advanced Service
Setup / connection Free (memorable numbers may incur a charge)
Annual charge Not applicable
Security deposit Not applicable
Cost and revenue excl. VAT, caller cost inc. VAT, caller cost assumes dialled from national carrier, e.g. BT

If you are interested in getting an 070 personal number, please contact us using the details below:

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