China 401 Toll Free

Using a China 401 Toll Free service (also known as 4001) will enable your company to promote your products and services to over 1.3 billion people across China.

One single, easy to remember telephone number covers all 31 Chinese provinces without the need for callers to dial different prefixes. This opens up your market to over 900 million fixed and mobile phone holders.

Benefits of China 401 numbers

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  • Access to 900 million phone users (1.3 billion potential customers)
  • One number covers all 31 Provinces
  • Access from all mobile networks
  • Covers Hong Kong

Calls to your 401 number can be routed automatically anywhere in the world, to either a single number or multiple numbers. You can also use it for fax to email, voice mail, information lines, or for call conferencing.

Expand your market and encourage potential customers to get in touch by paying the cost of the call for them.

A China Toll free number or freephone number means you pay the bill so that your callers don't have to. The toll free numbers can be set up in a variety of ways including routing calls anywhere in the world based on time of day, ACD (menu selection). For a comprehensive and detailed range of the telephone services that can be used with a China Toll Free number, please browse Advanced Services.

How do I promote my number?

When promoting your number, the prefix of the China ITFS number is "401" plus 6-digits (i.e.401-XXXXXX). This will allow dialled access anywhere within the 31 provinces in China and from any fixed, mobile or pay-phone under any network.

China 401 Number Costs
Callers pays Toll Free
Inbound call charge 30ppm
Revenue received Not Applicable
Advanced Service From 40p per day, depending on the service specified. Available Services,  Divert Cost Calculator
Basic Service Not applicable
Setup / connection £150 (one off)
Monthly number charge £49.00 per month
Delivery 2 - 3 Days
Cost and Revenue exclude vat, caller cost include vat, caller cost assumes dialled from national carrier, e.g. BT

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