How Are Callagenix Numbers Used?

Callagenix numbers offer you much more than "regular" numbers - more options, more flexibility, and more protection for your business.

We offer a wide range of UK numbers as well as thousands of international numbers from more than 100 countries worldwide.

We are an Ofcom registered SS7 carrier and host all our numbers securely in the cloud, so your phone numbers are safe with us. As the numbers are cloud-hosted, rather than being tied to a specific physical location, you have much more flexibility and control over how you handle calls. From your online control panel, you can connect your numbers to a whole range of services and handle calls however you want.

Benefits of Callagenix numbers

Choose a number
  • Most numbers are totally free to set up
  • Memorable numbers are also available for a low, one-off fee.
  • All Callagenix numbers are hosted in the cloud and not tied to a specific physical location.
  • Do more with your numbers - divert calls to another number or handle them in any way you like with our range of Advanced services.
  • Add multiple numbers to your account for different departments, direct dial numbers or to promote a local number in different geographical areas.

This could be a simple divert to send all calls to your normal UK landline (which remains unchanged), or you might want to set up a virtual switchboard linked to multiple services to handle calls from all across the world.

You can make things as simple or as sophisticated as you need to, plus you're free to change any aspect of your system at any time to ensure your phone service perfectly matches your needs.

What's more, as your numbers are cloud hosted this means they are location independent and therefore calls can be diverted to another site just by entering the new phone number. This makes it easy to keep your phone system up and running whilst moving premises. It also ensures you can continue to communicate with your customers and suppliers should you ever be unfortunate enough to experience a flood, fire or some other disaster. In fact, Callagenix numbers and services can be an important part of your disaster recovery / business continuity plan.

Calls made to your Callagenix numbers can be handled either by our Basic service, or one or more of our Advanced services. Please read the short descriptions below to see which is right for you:

Basic Service with a Callagenix number (Number Direct)

This option is only available with 03 and 08 numbers, i.e. the following number ranges: 0300, 0333, 0844, 0845, 0870, 0871 and 0872.

The Basic service diverts calls made to one of these numbers to a UK landline only. If you need to divert calls to a UK mobile or an international number you should upgrade to the 'Call Divert' Advanced service.

With the Basic service, your number works by 'sitting on top' of your UK landline number. When customers dial your Callagenix number they are re-directed to your regular landline and it rings as normal. Your landline number remains completely unaffected by this and works exactly as it did before.

Advanced Services with an Callagenix number

Do more with your Callagenix number by combining it with one or more of our Advanced services. These allow much greater flexibility and choice in how calls are handled. In most cases they can be used as a stand-alone option, or else combined with other Advanced services to create the ideal phone service for you.

Each number will first be connected to a single "primary" service, which usually has a service charge attached. You can then add additional services to this primary service with no increase in service charges.

Some examples of our Advanced services are: virtual switchboard (see sample diagram below), call forwardanswerphonefax to emailcompany information line, and group divert.

You can see the full list of our Advanced Services, as well as our supporting services and additional features (used to add functionality and flexibility to the Advanced services) on the Services Overview page, or by viewing the menus in the sidebar on any services page.

Whether you want callers to hear an announcement, to be diverted to mobile or landline, or prefer calls to be distributed to a hunt group, our platform can handle calls to your number(s) exactly how you want.


Our pricing works differently for each number and service type, as follows:

Basic service

For the Basic service there is no daily service charge, although you may still need to pay for any calls you receive, depending on the number you have chosen. Other number ranges will either be totally free for you, and some may even generate revenue for you!

Full details on Basic service pricing can be found here.

Advanced services

For Advanced services there is a daily service charge for the primary service your number is attached to. You can then connect other services to this primary service with no increase to the service charge. You can also connect more than one number to the same primary number at no extra charge.

You will only pay more in service charges if you had, for example, two numbers, each attached to a different primary service.

In addition to the service charges there may also be call charges to pay (inbound and outbound) depending on the numbers you have chosen and whether you are forwarding the call on elsewhere.

Full details on Advanced services pricing can be found here.

Of course, we're happy to help you design the system you need and advise you on the likely cost to run it, based on your estimated call volume etc. Please contact us for more information.

To get started, call us on +44 (0) 333 247 00 00 or click here to pick a number