Revenue Payments

Any monies earned via revenue numbers accumulate and when applicable can be paid to the account holder.

The terms and conditions governing revenue payments are dependent upon how the number is operated and the number type. With Callagenix numbers can be setup on Basic service (routed to UK landlines) or with Advanced Services. The conditions and options for revenue payments are outlined below along with those specific to each setup

Payment Conditions

Payments of monies generated from revenue numbers can only be made once the following conditions are met:

  • completed self-billing forms and number order form
  • account details completed and validated
  • PSA (Phone-paid Services Authority) registration provided if required (Premium Rate only)
  • supplied 'proof of id' documents as requested during account and number setup.
  • accrued a minimum amount of £100.00 within 12 months...
  • payment in sterling
  • payment by bank transfer (uk banks only)

Basic Service

Revenues are calculated monthly in arrears, Revenue is paid monthly in arrears. A payment will be made for all revenues earned over the period since the last payment or the last 12 months, as long as the revenues owing are greater than 100 pounds.

Assuming the account has completed the Number Order and Self Billing forms then a Self Billing invoice is generated and sent out monthly.

Advanced Service

Any revenues earned are accrued into the account Operating Balance at the end of each call; it is therefore automatically used to fund service charges and any other charges incurred by the account.

Revenue remaining in the operating balance is available to be paid once the revenue exceeds 100.00 pounds. As the revenue is paid into the operating balance, a surplus figure is calculated, which takes into account an operating balance threshold for the next month (by default 50 pounds). It is this surplus that is payable on request.

Premium Rate numbers are governed by the regulatory body Phone-paid Services Authority. The first revenue payment will be made in 6 weeks, with ongoing payments made monthly thereafter in line with the regulator's code of practice.

Your Operating Balance may be checked online at any time by logging into your account.

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