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The ACD (Automated Call Distribution) Login service allows individual extensions within your Group Divert service to be logged on or off via the phone.

Supervisors can also use this service to log other extensions on and off. If a user has more than one extension linked to them they can use the service to log each one on or off after managing the status of the extension they are calling in from.

ACD Login Overview

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  • Users can log extensions on and off
  • Supervisor access
  • Access via phone (only)

The ACD Login service can only be accessed over the phone. However, it is also possible for users and supervisors to log extensions on and off either online, through the Extension Control App, or via the API.

What does it do?

The ACD Login service provides the following functionality:

  1. Answers telephone.
  2. Requests an account PIN.
  3. Identifies the extension being used from the CLI (Caller Line Identity) of the person dialling in.
  4. Announces the caller's logged-in status (in or not).
  5. Presents a menu with the option to change the logged-in status.

As the service is only ever used by an account holder or their representatives there are no customisable elements.

Typical uses

  • Mobile access to your account settings
  • Build into your existing systems for full control
  • Call centre managers can control who is receiving calls

Other ACD Login Features


TIP! Although you can use this service with a dedicated live number at the cost of 30p/day, you can also use it free of charge with a test number in your account.

ACD Login Service

Number type: Any number
Cost (using test number in your account): Free
Cost (attached to a live number - not usually recommended): 30p/day

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