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Callagenix API allows you to script changes to your services.

Most clients do not need this level of integration and automation and are better suited to making updates via the online control panel. However, if you need to make regular updates to a large number of services and their attached numbers, then the API is the way to go.

It makes complex and time-consuming tasks manageable by enabling you to make changes to your internal systems and then propogate changes to your Callagenix account.

Callagenix API Overview

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  • Script management of your services
  • Link your Callagenix services to your internal systems
  • Saves on manpower
  • Makes complex processes simple to implement
  • Simplifies management when 1000's service or numbers are involved

How does it work?

If you need to regularly update a large number of services, or frequently update a small number, then our API could be for you. It gives you a way to script updates to your Callagenix service, where manual updates would be unmanageable or timeconsuming.

The API provides a method for a web or system developer to script changes to your Callagenix services and numbers, this maybe via a simple HTML page, a 3rd party application or an Internal system, whichever way you can control your Callagenix services without having to login to make changes, such as updating routing, numbers, prompts, extensions etc.. as required.

What can it do?

In a nutshell, the API provides a method to modify our services (via HTTP calls, for the technically minded). It can work with most services.

Some examples are:

  • Create and update prompts and recorded messages through text to speech
  • Creation of any pre-existing service (the service needs to be in your account already)
  • PIN options as part of a PIN Group
  • Create new mailboxes
  • Change the mailbox used by services
  • Change the destination number in the Call Divert service
  • Change the destination number in a Basic service
  • Log extensions on and off
  • Attach a number to a service

To better illustrate how the API can be used, here are a couple of real-life examples:

Case Study 1 - Chauffeur Company

A chauffeur company came to us wanting to integrate our systems with theirs to ensure clients could always contact the right driver.

At the time of booking, clients are given a single phone number to allow them to directly contact their assigned chauffeur. As a chauffeur isn't usually assigned to a client until nearer the time, the company needed a way to always divert calls to the confirmed chauffeur for each client on the day of the booking.

This could be achieved by updating various call divert services as and when required, but this could also be time consuming and possibly open the door to human error at some point. Instead, we integrated their internal systems with ours through the API, so whenever a chauffeur was allocated to a client, their contact details were automatically updated on their system. Whenever the client dialled their number, the call was automatically diverted onto the driver on duty.

Case Study 2 - Surfing Website

The owner of a surfing business contacted us wanting to set up an automatically updating information line with details on the tide and wave heights, as well as other surfing news.

3-4 times a day, the business would post updates on their website. Using the API, we set up an information line that used text-to-speech technology to convert these updates into a recorded message so surfers could access up to date information either online or over the phone.

Other Callagenix API Features

The API is designed to provide a means for you to automate or integrate your systems with your Callagenix services.

Works with...

  • The API can work with most of our services


Callagenix API Service

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