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The Extension Control App makes it easy for you to manage your Callagenix extensions from your phone or tablet.

Have you ever forgotten to log off one of your extensions and then had to wait until you could finally access your computer to do it?

Extension Control App Overview

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  • Manage multiple extensions
  • Log on and off from your phone or tablet
  • Managers - track who is online
  • Log agents on or off remotely
  • Never divert a call to the wrong extension

Whether you are an individual with multiple extensions (home, office, mobile) or a supervisor managing a whole team, the new Extension Control app makes it quick and easy to manage all your extensions through your phone or tablet.

You simply log in and toggle each extension to ‘On’ or ‘Off’ as required. It also enables you to see at a glance the status of each extension, or manage a set of extensions all in one go.

No more missed calls and no more frustrated callers diverted to an extension you can’t get to. You can even set it up to automatically log all your other extensions off whenever you log a new one on, so your calls always go to the right place.

As well as individuals who want to manage their extensions, the Extension Control app is useful for managers who want to see who’s logged on or off at any time, and for supervisors who want the ability to remotely log agents on or off as required.

Using the App

Before you can use the app you need to have a Callagenix account using Extensions and at least one Supervisor setup, that is App enabled, contact Callagenix to get your account checked and enabled.

If you have multiple Supervisors, each can be given an individual login with access to only their extension set or as required. Once set up, this can be managed centrally from your Callagenix Account login.

Currently the app is available for Android devices (phone or tablet), v2.2 or above only. Apps for the iPhone and Windows are under development and will be available in the near future.

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Once everything has been set up in properly in your account, you simply need to:

  1. Download and install the app, 
  2. Run the App
  3. Enter your Account ID, Supervisor Login name and Password, then press ‘Activate’.

Login Screen

The App will now request authorisation for the Supervisor. If everything has been set up correctly, you will now be authenticated. If any errors are displayed, please check you entered the details correctly first, then if you’re still having problems contact Callagenix support.

You should now see a list of the Extensions the Supervisor can access. By default this will be all extensions linked to the Supervisor name (if you are a supervisor and require access to more extensions, please contact Callagenix to enable this).

You can now choose which extensions you want to manage through the app by selecting from the list available. If you want to manage them all, just press 'OK' to continue.

Your selected extensions should now be displayed in a list with their current status. Extensions highlighted in green are logged on, those in grey are logged off. You can toggle each extension on and off by pressing the appropriate button.

The app is now set up!

To use it, run the App by pressing the icon in your Applications or, if it’s already running, select ‘Menu’ and then ‘Refresh’.

You can exit the app by pressing the back button on your device.

Menu Options

Clicking the menu button when the app is running brings up the following options:

  1. Refresh - this option refreshes the status of the displayed extensions
  2. About – this displays some help and shows the version details
  3. Settings -  this takes you to the App Settings page with the following options:
  • List setup – shows you the list of all available extension so you can change the list of extensions you wish to manage.
  • Reset App - resets the App, so you can enter new details and change the Supervisor using it.
  • One selected - if you select this, when you log an Extension ON, all other extensions currently logged ON will be logged OFF.  This is useful when you are managing a single person’s extensions across multiple locations. When they are logged on at one location the other locations can all be logged off. Please Note, that there is no ‘undo’ with this setting, so any logged off extensions will need to be logged on again manually if needed.

Other Extension Control App Features

The Extension Control App is used alongside the following services:

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The Extension Control App is free, but can only be used with other Callagenix services.

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