service-icon-recording Message Archive and Retrieval

Store and retrieve messages for longer periods. Flexible search allows quick and easy access to specific items.

Standard message handling, be it for fax, voicemails or recordings, stores messages in online mailboxes. There are various notification options available and messages are deleted after 14 days, or 3 days if opened.

The Message Archiving option does not change this process but extends it. Messages are stored in mailboxes and are also archived into a separate Message Archive area and stored for as long as required. They can be accessed online or via FTP as required.

MARR Overview

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  • Easily find archived files
  • Use it for calls, voicemail and faxes
  • Store files for 3-36 months (longer available by request)

How does it work?

You define how long you want to keep the messages. There is a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 36 months, although it can be longer with prior arrangement. When messages reach the maximum storage limit the files are deleted. The storage period can be increased or decreased at any time. Note: Reducing the time period will result in files older than this being deleted from the archive.

The service is charged for in advance at the beginning of each month. The format of the filenaming and directory are described below in the FTP Summary.

How to activate the service

The requirements are:

  • the account is an active account
  • the account has a Preferred payment method configured
  • has completed all account details.

To activate, select the Message Archive link under Mailboxes on the left hand menu when logged in to your account. You will be asked to select the Period of storage and if Voicemails should be archived. You will then be asked to agree to the T&Cs. If the account is setup as per the requirements then MARR will be activated. If your Account does not meet the requirements then it will be activated but you will be contacted by Support to complete the requirements. If these are not met in a reasonable timeframe then the service will be disabled.

How to terminate the service

You must contact Callagenix either online or via email and request termination of the Message Archive service. 30 days notice is required and can be given at any time.

If you wish to cancel the service, you can request this by accessing the MARR Settings page and setting the MARR Period to Request Cancellation. A cancellation request is passed to Callagenix accounts and they will process this for you, confirming the cancellation when it occurs.

How the archive FTP works

There is an FTP area for each account this area contains archived files in a set of subdirectories, these are fax, voicemail, recordout and recordin, which match the respective message types. There are also directories for Datafiles and Billing.

The file naming has changed so that downloaded files can be more easily identified and each message file also has an associated data file (xml extension) that can also be accessed at the same time. This is to ease the process of importing, storing and accessing the message data.

For a summary of the FTP details, please click here.

MARR Datafile

When the MARR service creates an archive record, it creates an archive file in the relevant account's archive storage area. This file is a copy of the original voicemail, recording or fax file received (.tif files for faxes and .wav files for voicemails and recordings). An accompanying message details file is created in the same location with the same name, but with a .xml extension. This details file contains the message details as they appear in the database archive.

The details file is saved in XML format, to view an example and see the full list of tags used, please click here.

Typical uses

  • Sales orders
  • Client instructions
  • Staff training and monitoring

Other MARR Features

The MARR service is used along with Call Recording and works with a number of other services, as follows:


The MARR service comes bundled with our Call Recording service and can be used with any of our other services.

Further information can be found on the Call Recording page, and a summary of the pricing information is also included below.

Call Recording and Message Archiving

Description Cost (£)
Base Package (up to 5000 minutes recording) £30 per month
Additional 5000 minutes or part thereof £12 per month
Recording Time Included
Minimum Archive Period 3 months

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