service-icon-msgnotify Message Notification

Send notifications by SMS or email when specific events occur, such as when a voicemail is left or a fax received.

Whenever voicemails, call recordings (inbound and outbound) or faxes are received or made by the services in your account they are stored within a mailbox. You can have multiple mailboxes one for each service or message type.

Message Notification Overview

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  • SMS
  • Email
  • Attach message content
  • Multiple recipients
  • Option for logged in extension
  • Fax

The settings within a mailbox determines how each message is accessed and what notifications are sent and to whom. Messages are only stored in a mailbox for 14 days and 3 days after being opened, longer storage up to 36 months is available via the Message Archive options.


Notification of a newly stored message can be via SMS or Email.

SMS notifications can be sent to a single or multiple numbers, they can also be sent to logged in extensions to cater for on call engineers. A typical notification message is shown below:

Message From: +445671624123
Body: Voicemail msg rcv Jan 14 2013 4:06PM, caller 01234567890, to listen goto or dial 44812345678 enter 1234 id 5678

Email notifications can be sent to single or multiple email addresses and the message file can optionally be attached to the email, this is usual for fax and voicemail. A typical notification email is shown below:

Date: 14 Jan
Subject: XYZ Ltd - Voicemail Message received [nnnn] on Jan 14 2013 4:06PM

XYZ Ltd,


Your Mailbox [Out Of Hours] received a [Voicemail] message on your service [Contact Support] from caller [01234567890] on [Jan 14 2013 4:06PM ]. You may access your Voicemail message by:

Please see the message file attached to this email, alternatively you can access the Message by logging into your account.


Online via the web
1. Goto
3. Enter the Account ID: [nnnn]
4. Enter the Mailbox Name: [Out Of Hours]
5. Enter the Mailbox Access PIN: [pppp]

Telephone Service
Alternatively you can access your voice messages by dialling [+44812345678] and entering the PIN [1234] followed by your Mailbox Access PIN [5678].
If you have any queries please email [], quoting the account name [XYZLtd] and an outline of your query.

Message Access

Any mailbox message can be accessed via your online control panel. You can see the messages you've received and download the message file. The mailbox is also accessible via the Supervisor site if the supervisor has been granted access to the specific mailbox or all mailboxes on the account.

Messages can also be attached to the email notification and accessed from your local machine. This has the added benefit of storing the message for longer than 14 days at no extra cost.

Please note that only voice messages can be automatically attached to emails. Also, due to the potential file size of call recordings, they are stored for a limited time in the relevant mailbox from where they can be streamed or downloaded manually.

Finally, voicemail messages can be accessed via the phone system by using the Voice Mail Retrieval service.

Other Message Notification Features

This service works with other Callagenix services, as follows:


Message Notification Service

Service type: Any service
Cost: 12p per text message
Email notifications: Free

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