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Using the Operator Transfer service you can quickly and easily transfer calls to another number, extension or service, even if the person you are connecting to is working from home or at another site.

When you receive a call and need to transfer it elsewhere, the Callagenix Operator Transfer Service is what you need. With a choice of transferring calls to a different extension, number or service (e.g. voicemail or a group divert), the operator transfer service enables calls to be transferred smoothly.

Operator Transfer Overview

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  • Quickly and easily transfer calls
  • Transfer to another extension or an outside line
  • Puts you in control of call handling

How does it work?

Used with Call Divert or Group Divert, the call recipient presses a defined key which puts the caller on hold. At the same time a menu is played to the recipient, allowing them to select the destination to transfer the call to.

You can configure various options to be used with this service, such as:

Caller Holding Prompt

Whilst the operator is dealing with the call transfer a message is played to the caller, followed by music in a continuous loop.

Menu Options Prompt

A menu played to the operator containing instructions of which buttons to press for each of the available options.

Additional User Configurable Options 0 to 9

These are set to point to particular services. When chosen by the operator they transfer the caller straight through to the selected service and disconnect the operator from the call. For example, this might be used to place a call through to a Group Divert service if the caller had come through to the wrong extension.

Available Options

There are options that are always available to the operator. These are:

  • transfer a call to a number.
  • transfer a call to a preset extension number.

To access these options simply put the caller on hold, press * followed by the transfer extension or full dialling code number, then * again. If the call is answered, the operator can speak with the recipient. The operator can then either connect the caller to the new recipient by pressing the ‘1’ key, or else retrieve the call on hold and disconnect the new call by pressing the hash key.

Using Call Transfer with your other services

The Call Transfer service can be included in any Callagenix Call Divert or Group Divert service. To integrate Call Transfer with an existing service you will need to:

  1. Create a Call Transfer Service
  2. Go to the Call Transfer option in the service you wish to alter
  3. Set the digit you wish to use to activate the call transfer menu – we recommend using the # (hash) key.
  4. Set the Call Transfer service to be the one you created earlier.

Typical Uses

The operator transfer service must be used in conjunction with another service. Some examples of the operator transfer service in use are:

  • Transferring calls to the correct extension.
  • Transferring calls to a colleague working away from the office.
  • Switching calls to another department.

Other Operator Transfer Features

The Operator Transfer service works with the following other services:


Operator Transfer Service

Service Type: Any divert service
Cost: Included free

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