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Make a good first impression with a professionally recorded message.

Recorded messages can influence how your organisation is perceived when they call to speak to you. With this in mind, our Prompt Recording service is the perfect way to appear professional and create the right impression. With a choice of uploaded sound files which can be changed as often as you wish, the prompt recording service puts you in control of the what your clients hear when they call you.

Prompt Recording Overview

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  • Customise every aspect of the caller's experience.
  • Update at anytime.
  • Text-to-speech, upload digital sound files or use our professional voice-recording services.
  • Wide variety of on-hold music.

If you want to hear some samples you can call the number below. You will hear a few test recordings, including Text to Speech (TTS), samples of professional voice artists and on hold music.

To listen to our example prompts line, please call +44 (0) 333 247 0005

How it works

Your Callagenix online management system gives you complete control over your recorded messages, which can be changed as often as you like, when you like. You can select from previously uploaded files, or upload new ones. Alternatively, you can type your message out and our system will convert it to speech. You can also record a message directly using your telephone handset.

Similarly, sound files can be uploaded as hold music as often as you like. Whether you wish to present an image of a vibrant young company with tracks from the top 40 or a more sedate and traditional image with classical music, selecting the right music is an important part of your company image.

To hear a sample created using the ‘text to speech’ service, call 0333 247 0005 and select option 1.

For the ultimate in professionalism, you can use one of our voice artists. As with your hold music, voice artists can be young and dynamic or older and more authoritative depending on the impression you wish to convey.

To hear a couple of examples, just click play below:

    Male voice sample

    Female voice sample

You can also call 0333 247 0005 and select either option 2 (for female voices) or option 3 (for male voices) for further samples. 

We also have a short video tutorial on how to use the Prompt Recording service. You can watch it by clicking here.

Typical Uses

The prompt recording service must be used in conjunction with another service. Some examples of the prompt recording service in use are:

  • Welcome messages prompting callers to press buttons for options.
  • On hold music.
  • Messages played on information lines.

Other Prompt Recording Features

The Prompt Recording service is used to enhance the caller's experience by changing the default settings on other services. Whilst not strictly necessary, it's a great way to make a good impression.


Prompt Recording Service

Service type: Any service
Standard cost: None
Studio recording: £150+VAT, then £25/prompt (up to 50 words)

To get started, call us on +44 (0) 333 247 00 00 or click here