Shift_manager2 Shift Manager

Shift Manager allows you to manage your agents and extensions over long periods of time and make instant changes when required.

The Shift Manager service looks like an online calendar where you can see all your agents and who is logged on and off. It allows you to manage all their scheduled logons / offs via one central location.

Shift Manager Overview

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  • Schedule agents months in advance.
  • Can handle complex shift patterns
  • Puts you in control of call handling

How does it work?

Whereas the Time-of-Day service gives you control over a 24 hour / 7 day period, Shift Manager allows you to manage schedules weeks or even months in advance. It also gives you control over individual extensions / agents.

When combined with your Group Divert service and extension groups, you can add your extensions to the Shift Manager either manually via the extension admin page, or in bulk by synchronising with the extension range currently set up in your account.

Shift Manager

You can decide which extensions will be automatically managed by the Shift Manager by enabling or disabling them in your Callagenix admin account. Using the Shift Manager's scheduling calendar, you can set up shifts for each extension within an "hours of business" range specified by you. You can set these as required for each day of the week. The Shift Manager will then automatically log your extensions on and off based on what you have entered.

You can set up a shift pattern for a day, or week, and then copy it with a few button clicks. This is a huge timesaver as you can set up your shifts for months in advance. It is particularly useful when setting up shift patterns for a large number of extensions. Once set up, individual shifts can be easily be deleted or edited to change their duration or include a comment.

Another useful feature is the ability to colour code selected extensions to allow their shift patterns to be easily recognised at a glance on the Shift Manager calendar.

This functionality is available to be used by any live Callagenix account running a Group Divert service.

Other Shift Manager Features

The Shift Manager service works with the Group Divert service. It is often used alongside other services too:


Shift Manager Service

Service Type: Any Group Divert
Cost: 80p/day

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