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Send texts in bulk immediately or over a defined, scheduled period. Create your own lists from callers, or upload external lists. Messages can be sent to UK and international numbers.

By activating the Bulk SMS service, you can send out as many text messages as you like, either individually or in bulk. You can also choose to send them out instantly, or schedule them for the time and date that suits you best.

When used properly, SMS texts are a great way to promote your business and stay in touch with your callers, customers and staff.

SMS Bulk Overview

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  • Links with your Callagenix phone numbers
  • Bulk deals available
  • Easily managed and controlled
  • Delivery reports to measure campaigns
  • Complements all Callagenix services

How does it work?

Any account with sufficient funds, or that has been set up with an automated payment method, can access this service.

When you activate the service, anyone who calls your Callagenix number will be automatically added to your prospect list. You can also upload an existing list of phone numbers when creating a text campaign or send individual texts. Messages can be of any length and will be sent to all mobiles and landline numbers that support SMS text.

You have full control over adding, editing, deleting or blocking numbers in your account. As you compose and edit your text message, a character count keeps track of how many 'pages' (i.e. texts) your message will eventually take up - there are 159 characters permitted per 'page'. Messages longer than 159 characters will still get sent, but will count as two (or more) texts.

With costs as low as 3.5p per text, this is a cost-effective way of reaching out to your prospects and customers.

When you are ready to send your text messages, you can send them immediately or schedule them to be sent later on. As the messages are being sent, their received status is displayed, allowing you to monitor who has received and opened your messages, etc. If required, you can then compile lists based on who has / hasn't received your messages for further follow up by text or other methods.

You can create a very powerful marketing tool by creating a list of callers who rang your Callagenix number, then sending them a follow up text message.

Typical uses

  • To promote new products and services 
  • To announce a limited time special offer.
  • As emergency notification messages for staff / customers (as part of a disaster recovery / business continuity plan)
  • For company updates and announcements
  • To share opening hours over Bank Holidays etc.
  • As tipping lines (for horse racing and other sports)

Cost and Payment

Our SMS text service works on a "credits" system when calculating costs.

Each single text message (up to 159 characters) sent to a UK mobile costs one credit. You can send longer messages but they will cost more credits. In fact, the number of credits required to send each text message will depend upon several factors:

  • How many texts you commit to - if buying in bulk you can get as low as 3.5p per text.
  • How long your messages are - messages longer than 159 characters will automatically fall into two or more pages (texts) - each costing a credit.
  • International and premium numbers – Sending text messages to international mobiles or other premium numbers can cost up to three times the cost of sending a message to a UK mobile.

If you are sending texts individually the cost is 10p per credit. However, the price per credit can go down to as little as 3.5p when you purchase credits in bulk.

Unlike with other SMS providers, we don't have a time limit on using your credits as they do not expire.

For occasional low volume campaigns, texts are charged by deducting the cost of the send from your operating balance. If you prefer to buy in bulk and benefit from very low rates, we will add the texts to your account separately after purchase.

Other SMS Bulk Features

SMS Bulk works as a stand-alone service, but can also be used with the following services:

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Volume Bands

  • 1 credit is 10p
  • 50+ credits are 8p each
  • 1000+ credits are 6.5p each
  • 5000+ credits - please contact us for a quote.

SMS Bulk Service

Text destination: UK mobile (1 Credit)
SMS text cost: From 3.5p per text
Online control & management: Included free

Number Types

Prefix Description Credits
01 UK geographic 1 Credit
02 UK geographic 1 Credit
070 Personal 3 Credits
07 UK mobile 1 Credit
0034 Spain 2 Credits
00393 Italy 3 Credits

To get started, call us on +44 (0) 333 247 00 00 or click here