service-icon-supervisor Supervisor Access

Using Supervisor Access you can assign permissions to your supervisors, so they can view, supervise and maintain other extensions and mailboxes.

You can also allow them access to all non-financial information for your account. The exact permissions you give them will depend on their role and how much access you wish to make available.

Supervisor Access Overview

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  • Multiple users
  • Access messages via mailboxes
  • Access extensions
  • Access non-costed reports
  • Wallboard

How does it work?

You can create multiple supervisors each with a different login and password for your account. They are able to login to the Supervisor site and are able to:

  • Monitor account calls, via the Wallboard
  • Run reports (uncosted versions)
  • Log extensions in and log out  (and create new extensions)
  • Access mailboxes, listen to voicemails
  • View fax messages
  • View reports in real time
  • Separate domain for supervisor access:

Access is controlled from the Account management system.

Typical uses

  • Call centre supervisor checking logged in users
  • To provide the marketing department access to reports

Other Supervisor Features

The Supervisor option is used alongside other services and features. The most common are listed below (some may incur an additional cost):


Supervisor Access Service

Restrictions: None
Cost: Free

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