service-icon-voiceretrieve Voicemail Retrieval

With the Voicemail Retrieval service you can easily access your recorded messages wherever you are.

Voicemail Retrieval Overview

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  • Secure message retrieval
  • Never miss a message

What does it do?

The Voicemail Retrieval service works like this:

  1. Answers telephone.
  2. Requests a mail box PIN entry.
  3. Presents the caller with a menu.
  4. Retrieves new and old voicemails under caller control.

This service is created automatically when an account is created, and only one such service can exist per account. Therefore this service can't be deleted or copied like other services can.

As the service is only ever used by an account holder or their representatives there are no customisable elements.

Typical Uses

The voicemail retrieval service must be used in conjunction with another service. Typical uses are:

  • To pick up new voicemail messages when away from the office
  • To securely retrieving old voicemail messages

Of course, you can still access your messages in other ways (see the Answerphone Service page for more details).

You can set up your voicemail so it automatically sends you an email every time you get a message. The message is then automatically attached to the notification email as a .wav audio file, meaning you can access your voicemail direct from your inbox. This also means you have a record of each of your messages stored in your inbox, should you ever need to access them later.

The other way you can check your voicemail is by logging in to your online account and accessing them there. Messages are stored online for 14 days if they are unopened, or 3 days once opened, although this can be extended with our MARR call storage service.

As you can see, the Voicemail Retrieval service is just one way you can access your messages, allowing you to keep up to date in whichever way suits you best.

Other Voicemail Retrieval Features

The Voicemail Retrieval service is used to access your Answerphone messages. It can also be used with other services:


Voicemail Retrieval Service

Number type: Any number
Attached to a live number as its primary service: 36p/day
Used in conjunction with other services: Free

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