service-icon-wallboard Wallboard

The Wallboard is a function on the Supervisor site that allows users to easily view the current call activity on their account.

The Wallboard is an add-on to the Supervisor site that allows a Supervisor to view the current call activity on their account lines. The call activity displayed on the Wallboard is updated every few seconds, showing a near real-time picture of inbound and outbound connected and waiting calls.

Supervisor Wallboard Overview

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  • Monitor call activity
  • Shows waiting and connected calls
  • Can be filtered by numbers
  • Different setting for each supervisor

Call Summary

A count of call activity is displayed in the summary panel at the top of the screen.

Calls are divided into

  • Inbound (being received by account)
  • Outbound (being made by account).

Calls are also grouped into

  • Current (both connected and waiting calls)
  • Connected (answered calls)
  • Waiting (unanswered calls)

Inbound calls counts are shown for current, connected and waiting calls. Outbound call counts are shown for current and connected calls.

Clicking on the 'Current', 'Connected' and 'Waiting' headers will highlight both inbound and outbound call counts for that call grouping, and will filter the calls displayed in the main list. Clicking on a particular call count will highlight it, and will filter the calls displayed in the main list to show only those calls. (e.g. Clicking the total for 'Inbound Connected' calls will show only those calls in the call list).

Call detail display

The main display panel shows individual calls, with the following information presented for each call:

  • Caller - the caller number
  • Dialled - the number dialled
  • Start Time - the time the call started
  • Duration (connected) - how long a call has been connected
  • Answering Service - the defined service answering the call
  • Connecting Service - the defined service connecting the call
  • Status - Call status (accepted, rejected, call ended, etc.)
  • Connected To - the extension the call was connected to

The calls in the main display panel are highlighted green or orange according to whether they are connected or waiting.

Call settings

The Call Settings page displays all numbers on an account for selection. The Wallboard may then be configured to display call activity related to these numbers only. This filtering can be turned on via the Options dialogue launched from the button at the bottom of the Wallboard panel.

Connection status

A status field at the bottom of the Wallboard shows the time of the last call activity update. The green indicator alongside the status field shows that the Wallboard is connected to the Callagenix servers and is receiving updates. This indicator changes to red if the connection is lost.

Other Wallboard Features

The Wallboard is always used with some services and is often found alongside others, as follows:


Wallboard Service

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