Call Centres

If you run a call centre, you'll want to take at what we have to offer. Our intelligent routing services give you the flexibility you need, AND save you money.

Do more with your call centre by switching to Callagenix. Our services will help you better monitor your calls (and your team), as well as providing all the features you need at a great value price.

Call Centre Solutions

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  • Flexible and scalable - set things up exactly how you need them and quickly make changes as required
  • Supervisor functions and call data help you better manage your team and your business
  • Call recording and storage for training and / or regulatory purposes. Switch on or off as required
  • Fixed price VoIP packages available for call centres
  • Location independent - move premises or connect different sites with minimum fuss and disruption

How does it work?

The exact set up and configuration of your call centre solution will depend on what you need. From a small call centre to a large operation, we can provide you with the right services to help you manage your business.


We can offer you a wide range of UK and international phone numbers, from regular 01 / 02 regional numbers to non-goegraphic alternatives, such as 080, 084 and 087 numbers. Some of these will even allow you to generate revenue to help fund your centre. Your choice of number will determine how much your callers pay and how much you will pay.

We can offer blocks of sequential numbers for each range if you need them, or a variety of numbers across different ranges if you prefer. If you are expecting a high volume of calls please contact us to discuss our bulk pricing.


One of the advantages of using Callagenix is that our services are so flexible. This allows you to create bespoke set ups depending on your requirements and easily edit them should you ever need to.

Our range of services can be used as building blocks to create the optimum solution for you, so you can even create a tailored set-up for each campaign if you want.

Our virtual switchboard service gives you control over how your calls are handled. You can also set up multiple group divert services to manage different hunt groups, each with their own priority settings and options for busy periods, such as call queuing, divert calls to an answerphone service, or send calls to a secondary, overflow hunt group (on or off-site).

The Time of Day service also lets you automatically route calls to different teams / services depending on the time they are received. This is great when you have different shifts working, or if you close in the evenings and would prefer just to play a recorded message or let people leave a voicemail.

Supervisor options

You can assign certain users as supervisors, giving them access to certain functions so they can manage other team members. You can also give them access to non-costed reports, so they can see which team members are performing well and which may need some additional training or encouragement.

Supervisor functions include the ability to log individual extensions on and off, and access all voicemails / faxes etc. Supervisors can also use the wallboard function to see at glance how many calls are in the queue, how long callers are being kept on hold, how long calls are lasting and which team members are talking right now, etc. They also have the ability to "sin-bin" individual team members who aren't performing.

Call recording

If you need to record calls for training and / or regulatory purposes, you can do that with Callagenix. You can record both inbound and outbound calls and store them for as long as you need with our Message Archiving and Retrieval service (called MARR).


If you make a large number of outbound calls then you should definitely talk to us about our VoIP services. Provided you have a fast and relaible broadband connection, we can offer you a business-grade VoIP package that will likely save you a considerable sum on hardware, line rental and call costs.

We can even adapt our popular VoIPinclusive package to reflect your increased usage, helping you to fix your phone costs by providing everything you need all for one fixed monthly payment.

Call Centre Typical Set Up

When setting up a solution for a call centre, we typically include the following services:


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