Calling Spain

Ideal for customers who work / live in Spain for extended periods each year. Stay in touch with your callers, wherever you are.

When you are travelling away from your home base but need to stay in touch, Callagenix has the solution for you. With a specially chosen mix of Callagenix services, the Calling Spain solution means that whether you are working abroad or on holiday, you can stay in control of your calls.

Calling Spain Overview

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  • Manage and update your service online.
  • Calls are pre-announced.
  • Can accept or reject any incoming calls.
  • Stay in touch with your business even when abroad

How does it work?

First you set up a UK virtual phone number with Callagenix. You can choose any local / regional number, or even a non-geographic number such as an 03 number or 08 number if you prefer. When you are in the UK, you set your number to divert all calls to your regular landline or mobile number. The amount it will cost to do this depends on the virtual number type you choose.

When you travel to Spain you can continue to receive calls on your UK number by diverting them to your Spanish landline number or mobile instead. All calls are automatically and seamlessly redirected to your overseas landline or mobile, and as far as the caller in the UK is aware they are calling a UK number as normal.

Of course, if you have clients in Spain (or indeed in just about any country) there's nothing to stop you doing the same in reverse by providing them with a Spanish number they can call that has the facility to redirect calls to you when you back in the UK.

Our international phone numbers service is available in more than a hundred countries worldwide so whether you are wintering in Spain or working in New York, your callers can always reach you.

With no restriction on the number of times the designated number is changed, the Calling Spain / International Phone Numbers service is ideal for those who move between locations. It means you can give out a single local number to clients and they can reach you wherever you are. Added features include caller pre-announcing so you can choose which calls to take and a voicemail service to take messages from the rest.

Balancing business and pleasure is easier with the Callagenix international phone numbers service.

Typical uses

  • Working for a few weeks in another country
  • Holidays abroad but want to keep in touch
  • Moving around the world but keeping an “open line” for clients

Calling Spain Typical Set Up

When setting up the Calling Spain solution, we typically include the following services:


Calling Spain

Number type: Any
Service rental: 40p/day
Options: Voicemail, Fax-to-Email

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