Limited Time Special Offer

Discover how our hosted telephony solutions can help YOUR business.

For a limited time only, we're offering new customers 25% off service charges for the first 3 months. As an added bonus, we're also giving the first 10 new clients £50 off the price of a memorable number.

Limited Time Special Offer

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  • 25% off your service fees for the first 3 months
  • £50 off a memorable number for the first 10 new accounts (enough for a free Silver number or reduced price Gold or Platinum number)
  • No set up fees - create an account and test out all our services for free before you pay a penny

We noticed you have visited our site previously, but for whatever reason decided not to sign up.

To help persuade you to give us a try, we've put together a limited time special offer so you can try us out at a reduced rate.

25% off your service fees

Firstly, we'll take 25% off your monthly service charge for the first 3 months you're with us. That means you could enjoy a fully featured phone service, with a virtual pbx, multiple hosted services and one or more phone numbers for under 53p / day.

Upgrade to a memorable number - with £50 off!

As a further incentive, we'll also give the first 10 new sign-ups £50 to spend on a memorable number, so your business really stands out. This could get you a free Silver number, or a nice discount off a Gold or Platinum number. There are no recurring fees to own a memorable number after this one-off set up fee.

Get the phone service you need

Just in case you can't quite remember what we do, here's a short summary:

  1. Virtual Numbers. We supply a full range of UK and international phone numbers. In the UK we have 01, 02, 0333, 0300, 0844, 0845, 0870, 0871, 0872, and 090 premium rate number ranges. Overseas we supply a wide range of regional, national and freephone numbers in over 100 countries. Whatever you need, the chances are we've got it.
  2. Hosted services. Connect your phone number to one or more of our cloud-based hosted services. These include simple services, such as Call Divert, Answerphone and Fax to Email, as well as more sophisticated services like the Virtual Switchboard, Time of Day and Group Divert. Use our services as building blocks to create the ideal phone system for your business.
  3. VoIP. If you want a great value, highly reliable outbound call solution, you can easily integrate your numbers and services with our business grade VoIP service (VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol - internet phone calls). As long as you have a decent internet connection you can reduce your calls costs and save on having to run multiple phone lines. We also off all-inclusive packages too.

Whether you're a freelancer or solo-entrepreneur just starting up, or a large multinational with offices all around the world, we have the solution for you.

About Callagenix

Choosing a reliable phone service supplier is an important decison that could have a big effect on your business. Just to put your mind at rest, here's a little bit of information about us:

  • We were established in 1999 and have plenty of customers still with us from our early days.
  • We're an Ofcom registered SS7 carrier, just like BT. This means our systems are maintained to the highest standards. Our servers are situated in a large, secure data centre near Heathrow and we have a minimum 99.999% uptime guarantee. We run our own services - we're not just a reseller for somebody else.
  • We're always striving to update our systems to provide our clients with the absolute best phone service.
  • We're very knowledgable about what businesses of all sizes need from a phone service - if you're not sure what's best for you, just give us a call and we'll help you work out what's right for you (with our system it's easy to change things later too).

Try before you buy

When you create your Callagenix account, you get the chance to try out our system for free before you spend any money. Set up as many services as you like and use one of our test numbers to make sure they are working how you want them to before setting them live. Of course, we're always happy to advise on the best solution for your requirements and give you a helping hand setting things up.

You have nothing to lose by giving us a try. Click here to sign up, or give us a call on 0333 247 00 00 to get started (03 numbers are charged at the same rate as regular 01 and 02 numbers).

To get started, call us on +44 (0) 333 247 00 00 or click here