Premium Rate Support Line

Offer a professional phone support service to your callers and use it to generate revenue. Often used for IT technical support lines.

When you spend time assisting your customers with phone support services and want to charge to help offset your costs, the Callagenix Premium Rate Support Line is the perfect solution. With a specially selected mix of Callagenix services, the Premium Rate Support Line solution means you receive payment for the time you spend answering customer queries.

Premium Rate Support Line Overview

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  • Earns you revenue while on the phone.
  • Automated monthly revenue payments.
  • No hardware or software to buy.
  • Online administration account.
  • Take support calls on any phone.
  • Callagenix is a registered and authorised network provider for the PSA (Phone-paid Services Authority).

The higher call charge can also be used to dissuade casual callers from ringing your support lines, instead pushing them to visit your website to get their questions answered. It can also be used to encourage customers to buy a support contract.

How does it work?

Many businesses, particularly those with a business IT support help desk, recoup some of the costs of providing technical assistance by running a premium rate phone support line. When your customers call the premium rate support line they will be told they are being charged for the call, then their call is diverted either to a hunt group (group divert) or to the least busy line in your office, whichever you prefer.

As a requirement of the premium rate code, calls are pre-announced so your staff know the call is being charged at the premium rate. Options can also be set up to allow staff to reject the call, in which case the call is routed to the next available member of staff. If all staff members are busy, the caller will be informed and asked to call back later.

If your service is not a 24/7 service, a “no out of hours support”, or “lines closed” recorded message can be played, informing callers of your opening times.

Should you not wish to use a premium rate phone number to earn revenues, you may wish to consider using a Callagenix PIN entry service. This enables you to steer customers towards taking out support contracts for a specified time period, only allowing contact with your support teams if customers have a unique PIN number. PIN Entry service details here.

How do I set a Premium Rate support service up?

All 09 premium rate numbers are regulated by the Premium Rate Regulator, the PSA.  As a result, you will need to comply fully with the PSA code of practice including registering your organisation and providing Callagenix with suitable contact and ID documentation.

Registering as a service provider with the PSA should take no more than 5 minutes (PSA Registration) and they will send you a registration number by email, which usually starts ORGXXXXXXX. As a very general rule if you are providing technical assistance on either your own or third party hardware or software, you are exempt and do not need prior permission, just compliance with the code of practice. Assuming all the information you provide is correct and acceptable, your business IT support service can be set up in just a few days.

For your complete guide on setting up your Premium rate support line, including compliance details and costs, please click here (Premium Rate Numbers)

Do I need prior permission?

You don't need the regulators prior permission if you are running customer support services, such as technical support services. You only need to register and comply fully with the code of practice. More details can be found at the following links.

Dealing with the Regulator PSA - Phone-paid Services Authority

Typical Uses

  • IT technical support companies offering business IT support help desk services
  • Electrical businesses offering phone support services
  • Premium rate Information Lines

How much can I charge and how much do I receive?

To see how much you can charge and how much revenues you can receive, click here.

Premium Rate Support Line Typical Set Up

When setting up the Premium Rate Support Line solution, we typically include the following services:


Premium Rate Support Line

Number type: Premium rate 090
Service rental: £110 setup, plus £292/year

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