Tipster Line

Run a Tipster service to generate an income offering racing tips to the betting community.

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Whether you are running a tipster line or a racing club, Callagenix has the solution for you. With a specially chosen mix of Callagenix services, the Tipster Line solution allows you to generate revenue from your racing tips or run a racing club.

Tipster Line Overview

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  • Record & update tips on your phone.
  • Revenues paid monthly into your bank.
  • Have multiple punters call the line at the same time.
  • Available with optional PIN entry or Menu selection.

How does it work?

In simple terms, the service consists of an Information Line playing the latest racing tips that have been recorded by you, the tipster, usually over the phone. Each time a punter calls the race tips line they hear your latest tips.

As a tipster you can record as many tips as you need. Your tipster line will accept multiple calls simultaneously, so your punters will always be able to access the service. Generally, most tipsters use a 090 premium rate numbers, or a 0871/2 number enabling them to generate significant revenues. With these numbers you can share racing tips uk based punters can dial in to hear.

Any revenues generated are automatically paid monthly in arrears in accordance with the regulators rules. To see the different number types and how much you can generate, please click here.

Additional options

  1. PIN Entry option - if your business model is to run a racing club and you do not need revenues from a 090 premium rate number, you can combine your Tipster Line with a PIN entry service. This enables only valid callers from within your club to access the tips. You can change and manage the PIN numbers in line with your racing club membership.
  2. Menu selection option - should you wish to combine your Tipster Line with multiple race cards, you can group your tips together using our Switchboard service, e.g. "Press 1 for Newmarket, 2 for Cheltenham... etc." 

Typical users

  • Racing Tipsters
  • Running a Racing Club

Tipster Line Typical Set Up

When setting up the Tipster Line solution, we typically include the following services:


Tipster Line Service

Number type: Any
Service rental: 70p/day
Rental with PIN: 70p/day

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