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International Phone Numbers in Ukraine Ukraine Dialling Code : +380

All the number types for Ukraine that are available from Callagenix are listed below, grouped into their respective categories.

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Overview of Telephone Numbers for Ukraine
Number Types Freephone / Toll Free, Regional in Ukraine (+380)
Freephone ITFS 0800 numbers may not be reachable from all mobile and payphone networks.
Freephone ITFS 0800 numbers can only be called from inside this country.

National / Regional / Local numbers can be called from outside of this country, providing the international country code is used.
Available Ukraine Phone Services Virtual Switchboard, Answer Phone, Call Diversion, Group Divert, Fax To Email, Call Conference, Call recording & Storage Read more »
Notes and Restrictions Freephone Toll Free numbers and Regional / National numbers cannot be used for calling card applications.
For Regional numbers the following is required:
- Name and contact phone number (please note that Ukrainian DIDs cannot be registered under the name of a company);
- Passport or ID copy;
- Current address (street, building number, postal code, city);
- Proof of address (no older than of 6 months).
ID needs to be sent to if scanne... Read more >>
Case Study International Phone Numbers Case Study,
Available Number Types for Ukraine
Freephone / Toll Free
880 nnn nnnn
Alushta 380-6560Balta 380-4866Belaya Tserkov 380-4563Belgorod-Dnestrovski 380-4849Bogorodchany 380-3471Cherkasy 380-472
Chernavtsi 380-372Chernigov 380-462Chertkov 380-3552Dnepropetrovsk 380-56Donetsk 380-62Evpatoria 380-6569
Fastov 380-4565Gorodnya 380-4645Iliychevsk 380-4868Irshava 380-3144Ivano-Frankivsk 380-342Kagarlyk 380-4573
Kamenets-Podolskyi 380-3849Kamenka 380-4732Kharkov 380-57Kherson 380-552Khmelnytskyi 380-382Kiev 380-44
Kirovograd 380-522Kolomiya 380-3433Komsomolsk 380-5348Korystyshev 380-4130Kostopol 380-3657Kovel 380-3352
Kozelets 380-4646Kremenets 380-3546Lubny 380-5361Lugansk 380-642Lutsk 380-332Lvov 380-322
Mena 380-4644Mirgorod 380-5355Mukachevo 380-3131Nezhin 380-4631Nikolayev 380-512Odessa 380-48
Ovidiopol 380-4851Poltava 380-532Razdelnaya 380-4853Reni 380-4840Rovno 380-362Saki 380-6563
Sevastopol 380-69Shepetovka 380-3840Shiryaevo 380-4858Simferopol 380-652Slavuta 380-3842Smela 380-4733
Sumy 380-542Terebovlya 380-3551Ternopil 380-352Trostyanets 380-5458Uman 380-4744Uzhgorod 380-312
Vasilkov 380-4571Velykiy Berezniy 380-3135Vinnitsa 380-432Yalta 380-654Yaremcha 380-3434Zaporozhe 380-61
Zdolbunov 380-3652Zhytomyr 380-412

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