0800 Numbers

0800 numbers, also known as freephone numbers or toll free numbers, are widely used by businesses large and small, and are widely recognised by the public.

It is estimated that using an 0800 number to market your business can generate up to 3 times as many calls as using a standard regional number.

People look for businesses that have a 0800 number when browsing directories, believing they are more reliable and professional. An estimated 50% of advertisers now use a 0800 number in their marketing materials - shouldn't you join them and stop missing out on leads your competitors are getting?

Benefits of 0800 numbers

Get an 0800 number
  • 0800 numbers can generate up to 3 times as many calls as a standard regional number.
  • Totally free to call from both UK landlines AND mobiles
  • People look for businesses with a 0800 number when browsing directories.
  • People perceive firms with 0800 numbers to be more reliable and efficient.
  • Customers will call you more frequently, engendering greater loyalty.
  • An estimated 50% of advertisers now use a 0800 number in their adverts.


Calls to a 0800 numbers (and 0808 numbers, which we also supply) are totally free for your caller.

Historically, calls to 0800 numbers were always free from a landline, but could still attract a charge from mobiles. As of 1st July 2015 this is no longer the case - now calls to 0800 and 0808 numbers are completely free for the caller from both UK landlines and UK mobiles. You can read more by clicking here.

0800 numbers are typically used for sales and marketing purposes and because they are non-geographic, you can present a UK wide presence rather than a local one.

We have thousands of 0800 numbers for you to choose from, most are free, but if you want an easily remembered number our Gold and Platinum ranges are available for a small set up charge.

How are 0800 numbers used?

0800 numbers can be used either with our Basic Service (to divert calls to a UK landline) or any of our Advanced Services (simple or sophisticated call handling solutions).

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Typical Uses / Users

  • Businesses of all sizes can benefit from having a 0800 or 0808 freephone number to help increase the number of enquiries.
  • Toll-Free numbers are easily recognisable and improve your credibility and how people perceive you.
  • You can link your 0800 number to an Information line, to keep your customers / staff updated, without them incurring a charge for dialling in.

0800 Freephone costs

Callers pays Free from landlines AND mobiles
Inbound call charge UK Landline callers from 2ppm, mobiles & others from 5ppm
Revenue received Not applicable
Advanced Service From 48p per day, depending on the service specified. See Available Services and Divert Cost Calculator.
Basic Service Route calls to UK landline only, see our bundle prices
Setup / connection Free (memorable numbers may incur a charge)
Annual charge None
Security deposit Not required
Cost and revenue excl. VAT, caller cost inc. VAT, caller cost assumes dialled from national carrier, e.g. BT

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