090x Premium Rate

Why not earn money from incoming calls with a premium rate number service? 090 premium rate phone numbers are revenue sharing numbers, which means you get paid whenever somebody calls you.

If you’re looking to buy a premium rate number, Callagenix have a range of 09 numbers available with rates ranging from 10p/min up to £1.50/min. In addition, for specialist premium rate services we have a range of pence-per-call premium rate numbers. Please contact us for details.

Quick note – sorry, but we do not offer 090 numbers for adult chatlines.

Benefits of 090 premium rate numbers

Get an 090 number
  • Generate income with your premium rate numbers
  • use 090 numbers to offset your running costs
  • Wide choice of tariffs available to suit all requirements
  • Pence-per-min or pence-per-call
  • Can be used to charge for your technical support services
  • Location independent
  • Get call data stats & manage your number online

How do 090 numbers work?

The exact process depends upon the services you are running, but the revenue procedure is the same in all cases. Callers wishing to use your service ring your premium number and are charged the premium rate number cost.

The actual cost of the call will depend on their service provider and if they are calling from a mobile. Each minute of the call, or part thereof, will generate revenue for you, which is credited to your Callagenix account at the end of each call.

For details on how you can receive payment visit the Revenue Payments page

How much can I charge and how much do I get?

Depending upon the type of service you wish to run, you can choose from a range of tariffs from two number types. The most common premium rate number type is the pence-per-minute number (ppm). Call revenues are paid per minute, or part thereof.

The second type is a pence-per-call (ppc) number. Call revenues are paid per call made, provided the call does not last more than 59 seconds. To see the full range of tariffs available, please click here for the Revenue Numbers page.

How do I set up a Premium Rate number service?

All 09 premium rate numbers are regulated by the Premium Rate regulator, PS Authority (previously known as PhonePayPlus). Information on acquiring and operating a Premium Rate Number is provided on the Setup a Premium Rate number page.

How are 090 numbers used?

Advanced Service with an 090 number (Callagenix Services)

All 090 numbers must be used with a Callagenix Advanced Service, such as Call Forward, Virtual SwitchboardFax to EmailCall DiversionAnswerphoneCompany Information Line and Group Divert.

The Callagenix platform picks up the 090 call and routes it along your chosen pathway. This could be something simple like a recorded message, or something more sophisticated like forwarding on to a customer support call centre hunt group. It’s completely up to you, and with our wide range of services you are free to change your set up at any time.

You can read more about how 090 premium rate numbers are used with our Advanced services on this page.

Ofcom regulations when using 090 numbers

In order to make things clearer for the consumer, Ofcom has broken up the cost of calling 090 numbers into two parts - the service charge and the access charge.

  1. The service charge. This is the part we know - it is the rate to call the 090 number and is charged per minute. You can find the current service charge (ex.VAT) for your 090 number in the blue box, below. 
  2. The access charge. This is an additional rate set by the caller’s phone service provider, so will vary from service provider to service provider.

Displaying the cost of your number

As the operator of an 090 number, you are obliged to display these service charges alongside your number wherever you use it, such as on your website or marketing materials.

The recommended format to use is:

"Calls cost x pence per minute (ex. VAT), plus your phone company's access charge."

If you charge per call, rather than per minute, the recommended format is:

"Calls cost x pence / £x (ex. VAT), plus your phone company's access charge."

You can read more by clicking here

The service charge for 090 premium rate numbers is charged either per minute or per call, as follows:

090 Premium Rate Numbers

Service Charge

(per min, ex. VAT)

Service Charge

(per call, ex. VAT)

090 4014 83.3333  
090 4034 41.6667  
090 4072 8.3333  
090 4129 62.5000  
090 4277   83.3333
090 4307   25.0000
090 4413   8.3333
090 4517 83.3333  
090 4609   41.6667
090 4642   33.3333
090 4679 125.0000  
090 4713   58.3333
090 4723   120.8333
090 4753   120.8333
090 4773 58.3333 58.3333
090 4792   62.5000
090 4801   83.3333
090 4833 58.3333 58.3333
090 4901   20.8333
090 4921   83.3333
090 5116 20.8333  
090 5151 50.0000  

You do not need to disclose how much revenue you generate per call when displaying your number.

If you have any questions on this please contact us for clarification.

Typical Uses/Users

  • Racing Tipster Lines. Typically, you will use an Information Line service where punters call the 090 number to hear your latest racing tips. You (the tipster) use another number to update the tips. For more information on setting up a Tipster line click here.
  • Premium support lines. Generally this uses a Group Divert service sometimes in combination with a Time of Day service.  Callers ring the 090 number and are immediately routed to a member of your support team. If engaged, the call is passed to the next team member etc. For more information please read our Premium Rate Support Lines.
  • Competition lines. This consists of a Switchboard, one Answerphone and two Information line services. Callers ring the 090 number and are asked to select the answer to a fairly simple question. Correct answers prompt the callers to leave their contact details, whilst  wrong answers are played a wrong answer message and invited to try again. See our Competition Lines page for further information.

*NOTE* If you are considering using an 084x, 087x or 09x number for post-sales support (such as a helpline, customer service, billings or complaints) please be aware this is now illegal in some circumstances. For full details please click here.

Costs and Fees

090x Premium Rate Number Costs

Caller pays Varies, typically 1-150ppm or 10-125ppc (pence per call) plus their phone company's access charge.
Inbound call charge None
Revenue received 3.5-101ppm or 3.5-82ppc (pence per call)
Advanced Service Available Services
Basic Service Can only operate with Advanced Service
Setup / connection £110 (memorable numbers may incur a charge)
Annual charge Service fee of £292
Security deposit Not applicable in most cases unless advised by the regulator
Cost and revenue excl. VAT, caller cost inc. VAT, caller cost assumes dialled from national carrier, e.g. BT

If you already have an 090x number and would like to take advantage of our call rates or revenues, or use our intelligent phone services, you may be able to port your number to us. For more details please email sales@callagenix.com, or call on the number below.

To get started, call us on +44 (0) 333 247 00 00 or click here to pick a number