Numbers Overview

Callagenix provides a comprehensive range of phone numbers covering the UK and over 100 countries and many thousands of cities around the world.

You select a number which meets your requirements; whether it’s a Toll Free (Freephone) 0800 number, local, national or international number, or even a revenue generating number. Then you decide how the number will best work for you.

All our numbers are hosted in the cloud, rather than being tied to a specific physical location. This makes it simple for you to instantly make changes to how you handle incoming calls. It also means your number is extremely portable, so there is minimal disruption to your phone system should you ever move premises.

08 and 03 numbers can simply be diverted to your landline absolutely free of charge with our Basic Service. Alternatively, by combining selected numbers with one or more Callagenix Advanced Services, you can benefit from very sophisticated call routing, which is normally only available when you buy an expensive PBX or switchboard hardware.

You can read more about Basic and Advanced Services here.

Not Sure Which Number to Choose?

If you're not sure where to start, here's a few suggestions for you:

When you want them to call you:

If you want to encourage people to call you, the chances are you'll be at least part-funding the cost of the call, if not paying for all of it, making it easy for your prospect / customer to get in touch.

Regional Numbers: If you're a local business and being seen as the local option is beneficial, a regular 01 or 02 regional number is a good place to start. If you cover 2 or more area codes, the simplest solution is just to get a regional number for each, then use them to divert calls to your main number.

0800 Freephone Numbers: These are also a good option as they are recognisable and can make your business look more professional and possibly larger than it actually is. Read more: 0800 numbers .

03 Numbers: The increasingly popular 0333 number, or 0300 number if you're a charity/not-for-profit organisation, are the non-geographic equivalent of 01 and 02 numbers, meaning it's a standard number charged at the same rates as regional numbers.

Calls to 03 numbers are also included in any inclusive minutes package the caller has (landline or mobile), so it may not cost them extra to call you.

03 numbers can also be called from abroad, which is useful if you have customers or suppliers overseas.

When they have to call you:

When your numbers aren't being used to generate business (such as customer support lines), you could look at other options that are cost-neutral or even bring in a little extra revenue. 01 and 02 regional numbers, or 0333 national numbers are still a good go-to options as they don't cost you or the caller much when they get in touch.

084 and 087 Numbers: If you want to further reduce your costs, or even generate some revenue to help subsidise your phone costs, then an 084 or 087 number is worth looking at. There are various options available, each with their pros and cons, so be sure to check out the relevant pages on our site (0844 Numbers, 0845 Numbers, 0870 Numbers, 0871 Numbers and 0872 Numbers), or contact us directly for advice if you're not sure which to choose.

You should also be aware that using these numbers may discourage people from calling you, which may or may not be something you'd want to see. Also, if you sell B2C there is legislation that may prevent you from using these numbers for post-sale support if you use a different, cheaper to call number when attracting customers. See here for more details.

090 Premium Rate Numbers: One more thing, if you offer specialised support as a service you may want to consider an 090 Premium Rate number as a way to charge for your expertise. IT technical support lines are an example of where we see this used. However, there are rules and guidelines surrounding Premium Rate numbers, so we'd suggest you contact us initially to discuss your plans so we can advise accordingly.

International numbers

If you do business abroad you should also strongly consider our range of international phone numbers.

We have numbers available for over 100 countries around the world. Our range includes thousands of local area codes (the equivalent of the Uk's 01 and 02 numbers), as well as toll-free numbers (0800 numbers in the UK) and some national rate numbers and revenue generating numbers.

You can find more information on our International Numbers page, but we also recommend you get in touch to discuss what you need so we can check availability and advise on the timeline and set up fees as these vary from country to country.

Keep your existing number

If you'd like to take advantage of our range of hosted phone services but don't want to switch to a new number then it's usually possible to keep your existing number.

You'll need to port your number to us to do so. With most providers it's straightforward to do this, but we advise you to contact us beforehand so we can check. To find out more about using your existing with Callagenix please click here.

Compare UK numbers

We've created the slider below to help you choose the right number for you. You can move the button to discover more about each number range and see at a glance which ones may be right for you.

If you then click on the orange button above the slider you can see more information about your chosen number type and how to set it up.

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