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Callagenix provide a comprehensive range of phone numbers covering over 100 countries and many thousands of cities around the world.

You select a number which meets your requirements; whether it’s a Toll Free (Freephone) 0800 number, local, national or international number, or even a revenue generating number. Then you decide how the number will best work for you.

Some telephone numbers can simply be diverted to your landline absolutely free of charge.  Alternatively by combining selected numbers with one or more Callagenix Advanced services, you can benefit from very sophisticated call routing; normally associated with buying expensive PBX or switchboard hardware.

*Note - if you need to keep your existing number, but still want access to Callagenix services, you can do that too: Click here to find out more.

Please use the slider below to help choose the right number for you.  Then click on the orange button for more information about your chosen number and how to set it up.

UK 0800 Freephone - Find out more... Drag the slider to see number types and costs
Costs you 4ppm Caller pays 0ppm * T&C's apply, costs assume dialed from BT landline
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    International Numbers
    Using a Callagenix international number service can enable your company to present and manage a… Find out more »
    UK Regional
    UK regional telephone numbers are standard UK telephone numbers that utilise a regional STD dialling… Find out more »
    03 Numbers
    03 numbers are non-geographic numbers which cost the caller no more than calls to a… Find out more »
    0300 Numbers
    The Low Cost and Versatile Alternative to 0800 Numbers 0300 numbers make it easy for… Find out more »
    0333 Numbers
    The Low Cost and Versatile Alternative to 0800 Numbers 0333 numbers make it easy for… Find out more »
    0800 Numbers
    0800 numbers, also known as freephone numbers or toll free numbers, are widely used by… Find out more »
    0844 Numbers
    With a Callagenix 0844 number you pay NO incoming call charges and can earn up… Find out more »
    0845 Numbers
    0845 numbers, also known as BT local rate numbers, are often associated with trusted and… Find out more »
    0870 Numbers
    0870 numbers are part of the range of non-geographic numbers supplied by Callagenix. They are… Find out more »
    0871 Numbers
    0871 numbers are premium rate lines where part of the cost of the call is… Find out more »
    0872 Numbers
    If the cost of your customer services team is soaring, then switching to a 0872… Find out more »
    070 Personal Numbers
    Often called 070 personal numbers or “follow-me” numbers, 070 numbers are used to connect calls… Find out more »
    090x Premium Rate
    Why not earn money from incoming calls with a premium rate number service? 090 premium… Find out more »
    China 401 Toll Free
    Using a China 401 Toll Free service (also known as 4001) will enable your company… Find out more »
    Number Porting
    Telephone number porting is the ability to change your service provider whilst keeping your telephone… Find out more »
    Promoting Your Business Abroad
    Do you do business abroad (or do you want to)? The rewards can be great,… Find out more »
    Claim Your Free 0300 Number
    An 0300 number identifies you as a bona-fide charity / non-profit and costs the same… Find out more »

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"It is a cost-effective low-maintenance system which is a key component in our crisis communication strategy. The “try before you buy” option from Callagenix allowed me to set up and refine before presenting to the Board as part of our Regional Crisis Plan"
Alan Thomas, Henkel Crisis Team Manager
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