Solutions Overview

One of the best things about choosing Callagenix is the range of services available to you. It's like having a “toolbox of services” you can choose from to create the perfect phone system for you.

You can use some services individually or combine multiple services to create the system you need. This can be as simple or sophisticated as you need it to be. All the services have been created and are hosted by Callegenix, so they all work together perfectly. This means you can combine them in any way you want and set things up how you need them.

As a result of customer feedback over the past 12 years, we have packaged up some of the most commonly used services to create ready-to-go packages that are easy to understand and set up. You can use them as they are, or add in other services to get the solution you need.

Every business is different, so don't be afraid to use one of our solution packages as a starting point and then adding, tweaking or removing any element of it to get to the right solution for you. Of course, we're always happy to advise to help you get the set up you really need.

It's also really easy to make changes at a later date, so there's no need to worry about getting it 100% right first time round - your phone system can grow and adapt to your changing requirements.

You can always add or remove numbers, services, users, extensions or change the way they operate.

Whether you're a solo-entrepreneur, a start-up, a small business or a larger, more established enterprise, we have the right solution for you.

Browse the pre-built package solutions below to see what's included, how they work and what they typically cost. If you have any questions, or you'd rather just speak to someone about your requirements please contact us by clicking here.

  • Solutions
    Live Call Answering

    Do you need help handling your calls? As you already know, Callagenix services are a…

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    Our numbers and services are perfect for start-ups, offering flexibility, scalability, and location independence -…

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    Calling All Tipsters!

    Do you run a tipping line or racing club? Use our simple, yet powerful phone…

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    Emergency Information Line

    Make the Callagenix Emergency Information Line a key part of your Business Continuity strategy.

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    Call Overflow Solutions

    For most businesses, the volume of incoming calls remains pretty steady or increases and decreases…

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    Small Business

    Every small business is different, but with our wide range of numbers and services you…

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    Tipster Line

    Run a Tipster service to generate an income offering racing tips to the betting community.

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    Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity

    Disaster can strike at any time. If your organisation is not prepared, the consequences can…

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    International Call Divert Service

    Stay in touch no matter where you are in the world with out International Call…

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    The Changing Face of Telephony

    “Mr. Watson, come here, I want to see you.” The telephone has changed a lot…

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    Straight Divert

    Divert callers through to a single specified telephone number with Straight Divert.

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    Competition Line

    Run your own competition phone lines by posing a question to callers and offering them…

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    How To Get Paid For Incoming Calls

    Choose the right number range and you can earn some additional money from your incoming…

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    Charities and Callagenix

    Charities play a vital role in society, providing services and support that would otherwise not…

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    Premium Rate Support Line

    Offer a professional phone support service to your callers and use it to generate revenue.…

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    Company Switchboard

    A fully integrated virtual switchboard service - all of the functionality of a large telephone…

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    Limited Time Special Offer

    Discover how our hosted telephony solutions can help YOUR business. For a limited time only,…

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    Call Recording & MARR

    The Message Archiving Recording & Retrieval service by Callagenix. Record and store all your inbound…

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    Multi-Call Queuing Package

    Divert callers to a single number or group of numbers including queuing and on-hold music.

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    Calling Spain

    Ideal for customers who work / live in Spain for extended periods each year. Stay…

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    Call Centres

    If you run a call centre, you'll want to take at what we have to…

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    Virtual Assistant

    Virtual Assistant solutions - work from wherever you want.

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    International Phone Numbers

    Go global with Callagenix International phone numbers!

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