Supported Phones

Callagenix support engineers have tested the following range of software and hardware options that can be used as IP telephones.

  • Softphones
    Callagenix Softphone Powered by Zoiper 5

    Use your Callagenix VoIP service on your smartphone or computer by installing the popular Zoiper app.

  • Voip & Landline Phone
    Gigaset A510H Handset

    A great value handset option with a sleek look and smart features

    Gigaset C430H Handset

    The Gigaset C430H is a reliable and fully featured handset - perfect for your VoIP system

    Gigaset N300 IP

    The Gigaset N300 IP DECT IP base station. Supports 3 VoIP + 1 landline (up to 6 handsets can be registered)

    Gigaset R630H PRO

    The Gigaset R630H PRO Robust DECT Handset. Must be used with a Gigaset DECT base station

  • Voip Only Phones
    Cisco 301G

    A single line, VoIP only telephone. Includes UK power supply, cable, ethernet, quick install guide and CD.

    Cisco 303G

    A single line voip only telephone. Includes UK power supply & clip, cable, ethernet, quick install guide & CD and LCD Display.

    Cisco 502G

    A single line, VoIP only telephone. Includes handset cord, ethernet, quick install guide and CD.

    Snom 300

    Although the Snom 300 is basic model of the snom business telephone family, it offers so much more than a standard VoIP phone.

    Snom 320

    Ideal for general office and knowledge-worker environments, the Snom 320 is an affordable, yet powerful SIP business telephone.

    Snom 360

    The Snom 360 is designed for maximum productivity and efficiency in the everyday business environment.

  • Accessories
    Plantronics M175C

    The Plantronics M175C has a 2.5mm jack plug and fits most Gigasets and Cisco Linksys phones.

    Snom MM2 and MM3 Headsets

    The Snom MM2 and MM3 headsets are recommended for use with Snom phones