Snom MM2 and MM3 Headsets


The Snom MM2 and MM3 headsets are recommended for use with Snom phones

At Callagenix we stock the approved headsets for snom phones. These have the correct electrical properties to provide high quality calls using snom phones. No additional amplifier is required.

Snom MM2 / MM3 Headsets Overview

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  • Comfortable for long wearing.
  • Quick disconnect cable.
  • Excellent Sound
  • 270° rotating Microphone Boom Arm.
  • Adjustable Steel Tube Boom
  • Antistatic Shock for Microphone.

The Snom monaural headset provides users with excellent headset stability, ease of use, comfort & hands free convenience. The headset has one ear pad which can be worn on either ear. An adjustable boom carries a noise cancelling microphone keeping voice crystal clear.

There are two different kinds of Snom mono headsets - the MM2 and the MM3. It is important that you purchase the headset which is compatible with the Snom VoIP Desk Phone you wish to use with it.

The MM3 headset must be used with the Snom handset 300. The MM2 fits all other 320, 370, 720, 760, 821. models.


RRP £38.00 - Snom Headset MM2 & MM3

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